NYIF: Here is How To Know If You've Been Shortlisted. Read If You've Not Been Paid

NYIF: Here is How To Know If You've Been Shortlisted. Read If You've Not Been Paid 

Lots of people have been asking questions regarding the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund which was launched around October last year. According to the federal government, at least one million youths will be empowered and the number according to them will cut across the 36 states including the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja).

More than 3 million people applied for this program the night it was launched. However, literally no one has been paid or contacted by the scheme body. There were reports few days that some people haves already be trained already.

To check if you have been selected, go to your email, search for 'NYIF' and see if you have missed their message. Make sure to check your SPAM folder as well.

If you have been contacted, visit either the ministry of youth and sports in your state or ministry of labour and empowerment as soon as you can for further instructions.

Selection after training is how ever based on provided business ideas. Yes can can be shortlisted and not qualify for the fund.

The problems in this step are you will not receive this verification message from your email address.

This verification is what will make you qualify in the five days of online training before you got disbursement of the fund you want to begin your business.

Here is our discussion today, please feel free to answer the questions below in the comment sections so that we get to know how you manage to get your verification message sent to you from National Youth Investment Fund.

(1) Which process did you use to get the verification message from NYIF through your email address.

(2) After you verify your account, do you start the five days online training immediately?

Please feel free to answer the questions above in the comment section if you happen to receive the mail.

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  1. I didn't receive the confirmation link in my email,what happen

  2. Does it mean that I am not going to get the loan...

  3. You can get the loan refresh the page

  4. I didn't get the confirmation email

  5. Refresh your email address goto Spam folder or you may complaint through this link https://www.haskenews.com.ng/2021/02/nyif-complaint-form-if-you-need.html?m=1

  6. They verified my account but I'm not able to login due to incorrect password if i do forgot password they are not sending me, any solution?


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