NYIF: Read This If You're Yet To Receive Email From NMFB For NYIF Loan

NYIF: Read This If You're Yet To Receive Email From NMFB For NYIF Loan

As you all know, the loan application commenced back in the year 2020. But recently, the Nirsal Microfinance Bank has been sending messages to some applicants, congratulating them for pre-qualifying for the loan.

To God's glory, I happen to be one of the applicants who pre-qualified for the loan. The Nirsal Microfinance Bank sent an SMS to me last week Friday. They congratulated me on pre-qualifying for the loan. In the content of the SMS was a link through which they told me to log in using my BVN and create an account password.

I clicked on the link, logged in using my BVN and finally created the password. Eventually, a link was sent to my email to confirm the email address. I quickly headed over to my email, clicked on the link but something unusual happened. The link did not open at all. Hence, I couldn't verify my email address.

Therefore, I have three questions I would like anyone with an answer to help out.

1. Since I couldn't verify my email address, will it hinder me from getting the loan?

2. Do you think the problem could be from the Nirsal Microfinance Bank website?

3. If you have completed your documentation as an applicant, can you help with details on how you completed your documentation and processing of the loan?

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  1. Mine is saying I have not been trained

  2. Anyigor Isaac GinikaFebruary 23, 2021 at 10:37 PM

    I don't have any notification on when to be trained and now but I have verified my email address and bvn as directed

    1. Anyigor Isaac nwali with email address blessedginiway1530@gmail.com have verified email ND bvn but I have not received information on how to be trained the following is my registration number 08126806871 some one should help me plz


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