NYlF: Do You Receive Veriflcation Message Through Your Email Address?

NYlF: Do You Receive Veriflcation Message Through Your Email Address? 

If you can remember, many peoples received a congratulatory message sent to them by National Youth Investment via text message.

In the content of the message, the organization sent a link requesting for the applicant to input their Bank Verification Number and Password, after that they will request you to check your email address for verification of your account.

See the sample of the message below.

Registration Successful

A Confirmation Link has been sent to your Email, Click to verify your Email Address

The problems in this step are you will not receive this verification message from your email address.

This verification is what will make you qualify in the five days of online training before you got disbursement of the fund you want to begin your business.

Here is our discussion today, please feel free to answer the questions below in the comment sections so that we get to know how you manage to get your verification message sent to you from National Youth Investment Fund.

(1) Which process did you use to get the verification message from NYIF through your email address.

(2) After you verify your account, do you start the five days online training immediately?

Please feel free to answer the questions above in the comment section if you happen to receive the mail.

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