Did You Apply Manara Non Interest Loan With your BVN? Kindly Read This message

Did You Apply Manara Non Interest Loan With your BVN? Kindly Read This message

Manara non interest loan "Please Help Share to Groups for Public Benefit" 


From Barr. Abdulhadi Isah Ibrahim 

Manara Non Interest Loan ..... 
www.manaraabp.com, Three days ago, many people called me and sent me messages on Facebook and WhatsApp, Twitter about a link being sent to people to fill it out, saying it was a federal interest-free loan. 

After seeing a lot of questions, I said yes, since it is Manara, it has to do with the 'Izala National Union' faction of Sheikh Abdullahi Bala Lau. 

At that moment, I opened the website, went upstairs to look at it, and saw the Manara logo of the Izala group. I said yes, we have done some research. After 24 hours of research, I asked the Izala leaders of Nigeria. On the part of Sheikh Abdullahi Bala Lau, I asked some national and state directors of Izala, and they confirmed that this link is true. 'One of the national directors sent us a message saying: "Brother Abdul-Hadi Isah Ibrahim tell people to open the link and fill it out, it is true, it is not a scam or a hoax". 

So be honest. www.manaraabp.com But some will say they have not seen the WhatsApp or Facebook of the Izala group. I asked one of the directors of Izala, and he said, "Yes, after this process was completed by the CBN and Izala, it was decided that the Izala group. "It will announce the plan to the public, but before the announcement could be made, some people released the link, so Izala was not seen publishing it in the first place, but it is true.

" The following items are required when filling out the form: 
1. Your Full name. 
2. Valid Phone number. 
3. Valid Email address. 
4. Valid BVN number. 
5. BVN of a relative(optional). 
6. BVN of Next of skin(optional)

The link is www.manaraabp.com The other terms of the loan will be followed when you completed the application,
When the application is done, you will receive a message containing applicants no and your bvn number

Wishes you all the best

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  1. Assalamu Alaikum.ninacika Amma na manta ban aje salon shedar cewa nacikaba,ba matsalar?

  2. Nima nacika bayan wata uku da suka shude Amma har yanzu ba wani labari


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