Simple Steps To Make Sugared Tigernut/Aya me Sugar at Home

Ingredients needs in making Sugared Tigernut/Aya me Sugar

Find          1. Tigernut

Follow by 2. Sugar

And than 3. Flavour (optional)

How to make:Sugared Tigernut/Aya me Sugar

Put the tigernut in a container wash the tigernut very well and ensure to get rid of all the stones, sand and bad tigernut

Spread on a plate or trey and let it to dry out When it's dry, put in a pan over medium heat and roast for 3-5 minutes while stirring,you will experience a pleasing smell coming off the tigernut.

Put off fire, and in a pan pour a cup of sugar with little water and a drop of flavour then let it melt over low heat. When all the sugar melts, immediately put off the heat and add the tigernut and mix until all is coated with sugar.

Spread on a tray and let cool for preferably 5 hours. The sugar becomes hardens and become white and it tastes better.

After 4 hours

After one hour


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