Student Loan: A Guide to Shortlists for Student Loan 2024

Student Loan: A Guide to Shortlists for Student Loan 2024

Student Loan: A Guide to Shortlists for Student Loan 2024


- The Students Loans (Access to Higher Education) Act, 2024 was signed into law by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

- The Act established the Nigerian Education Loan Fund (NELFUND) to provide loans to eligible Nigerians for higher education, vocational training, and skills acquisition.

Objectives of NELFUND

- Enhance access to higher education

- Ensure financial inclusivity for all eligible students

- Foster skill development

- Promote socio-economic mobility

- Reduce dropout rates

- Stimulate economic growth

Expected Outcomes

- Increased enrolment

- Higher graduation rates

- Skilled workforce

- Economic empowerment

- National development

- Sustainable framework

Eligibility Criteria

- Nationality: Nigerian citizen

- Academic Criteria: Fresh entry, direct entry, full-time undergraduate

- Know Your Customer (KYC) Criteria: JAMB number, BVN, NIN, personal information, passport photograph

Disqualification Criteria

- Defaulted on previous education loan

- Beneficiary of another education loan or scholarship

- Guilty of misconduct or exam malpractices

- Convicted of fraud, forgery, drug offenses, felony, or dishonesty

Loan Application Process

- Online application form

- Documentation requirements: admission letter, student ID, other documents as required

- Attestation Form

- Timeline for application: as determined by NELFUND's Board

Loan Disbursement

- Directly to ETI on behalf of successful applicant

- Covers institutional charge only

- Optional upkeep allowance disbursement directly to applicant

Loan Repayment

- Commences two years after completion of NYSC program or exemption

- 10% of beneficiary's salary at source by employer

- Self-employed beneficiaries remit 10% of total profit monthly

- Voluntary repayments allowed

- Repayment options: PAYE, IBR, voluntary repayment

Recovery Actions

- Warning notifications

- Restricting access to further credits

- Publishing a list of defaulters

- GSI process

- Legal action

Legal and Ethical Considerations

- Compliance with national and international laws and regulations

- Ethical considerations in loan management: fairness, equity, transparency, non-discrimination

- Confidentiality and data protection: handling beneficiary data in accordance with DPR and Nigeria Data Protection Act 2023.

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