Call for YouthGovTracka Youth Focal Points in the 36 States of the Federation

Call for YouthGovTracka Youth Focal Points in the 36 States of the Federation

Call for YouthGovTracka Youth Focal Points in the 36 States of the Federation


Are you a dedicated and passionate young individual seeking to positively impact your community and hold elected officials accountable for their promises? If so, we have an exciting opportunity for you! The Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI) is launching the YouthGovTracka project and is searching for enthusiastic and committed Youth Focal Points in all 36 states of Nigeria.


Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative (BBYDI) is a youth-led non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening civic freedoms, youth entrepreneurship, and good governance in Nigeria. In compliance with international best practices and high ethical standards, we work to create a society where national culture is rooted in good governance and social responsibility.

About the Empowering Youth Voices in Governance Project

Empowering Youth Voices in Governance Project mainly promotes accountability and youth political participation in Nigeria. The Project will empower young people with digital tools and strengthen their capacity to track and monitor campaign promises made by elected officials, focusing on commitments related to youth participation and inclusive policies. This ensures that youth concerns and interests are actively monitored and addressed. 

The Role of Youth Focal Points:

As a Youth Focal Point, you will actively advocate for youth-inclusive policies in line with the Menu of Commitments in your designated state. You will engage with elected officials, raise awareness about the commitments, and support policy changes that promote youth participation, human rights, and freedom of expression.  You will be pivotal in promoting transparency and accountability in governance.

Your responsibility will involve tracking and monitoring the progress of governors in your respective state based on the promises they made during their campaigns. This essential role will require you to conduct on-ground research, gather data, and provide monthly reports on the performance of elected officials.

Benefits to Youth Focal Points:

Becoming a Youth Focal Point will allow you to impact Nigeria's political landscape significantly.

You will acquire valuable skills in research, data collection, and effective communication.

Additionally, you will receive comprehensive training and ongoing support to enhance your abilities as a youth advocate for good governance.


To be eligible for the role of a Youth Focal Point, you must meet the following criteria:

Be between the ages of 18 to 35.

Possess a strong passion for youth engagement and accountability in governance.

Exhibit good communication skills and a willingness to engage with citizens and elected officials.

You must be resident in the state you are applying to be a Youth Focal Point.

Selection Criteria:

The selection process for Youth Focal Points will be transparent and inclusive. Equal representation across genders, ethnicities, and geographical locations will be ensured. Your knowledge of local politics, commitment to youth participation, and communication skills will be crucial factors in the selection process.

Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of a transformative project that empowers young Nigerians to actively participate in the political process and promote good governance. Join us in making a difference and shaping the future of Nigeria!.

How to apply use the below link address to apply


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