INEC 2023 Adhoc Staff Jobs Vacancies: How To Apply, Registration Portal and Eligiblity

INEC 2023 Adhoc Staff Jobs Vacancies: How To Apply, Registration Portal and Eligiblity

INEC 2023 Adhoc Staff Jobs Vacancies: How To Apply, Registration Portal and Eligiblity  

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was established by the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to among other things organize elections into various political offices in the country. The functions of INEC as contained in Section 15, Part 1 of the Third Schedule of the 1999 Constitution (As Amended) and Section 2 of the Electoral Act 2010 (As Amended).










Fed Public/Civil service/ MDAs.

Staff on GL 10-14 (Priority is given

qualified staff of NYSC /NOA/NIMC

INEC staff

RAOs & other INEC staff not engaged in any other duties (GL10 • 14).


POs. APOs (!. 11. Ill)


Serving Corps members

Former NYSC

Not earlier than 2018 (i.e 2018, 2019. 2020 & 2021)

Federal & State Tertiary


Students in Penultimate year & a year to Convocation.

MDAs (Federal and State)

Permanent Staff with OND or on GL 07- 10


RAC Managers

The school/institution hosting the RAC or Super RAC

Head of school or/a Staff on GL 07 and above.



INEC staff


Suitable ICT staff (State & HQ) of the Commission not engaged in any other duties.

Serving Corps members in the

Commission (where available)

  • Applicants must not be a political party member.

  • Applicants must not have demonstrated or expressed   support for any candidate or party.

  • Applicants must reside in the STATE selected.

1. The INECPRES is for registration of ad-hoc staff (Supervisory Presiding Officers (SPOs)/ Presiding Officers (POS)/ Assistant Presiding Officers (APO)/ Registration Area Technicians (RATECHS) and RAC Managers for the 2023 General Elections.

2. The URL of the Registration portal (INECPRES) is pres.inecnigeria.org

3. The help desk details:
Vanity number: Email address:
0700-CALL-INEC pres@inec.gov.ng
Phone numbers of Specific officers per state are detailed on the portal

4. Launch period: The INECPRES opens to the public on Wednesday 14th September, 2022 by 8:00 am and closes on Wednesday, 14th December, 2022 by 08:00pm.

5. A link to the INECPRES is also available at the INEC website www.inecnigeria.org

6. All applicants are encouraged to fill the registration forms online - The MOBILE APP (for android phone only) or web portal (using the laptop/PCs) to be eligible for consideration as ad-hoc staff in 2023 General Elections.

How To Apply
Interested applicants can apply via the below link address

What should I have before registering? 

What should I have before registering?

Before you register on this portal, please ensure you have the following ready;

  • A functional email address.
  • A functioning mobile phone number.
  • A personal bank account number.
  • A recent, white background Passport Photograph not larger than 5MB.
  • Contact details of two referees such as email address and phone number.
  • A valid Staff ID No./StudentID No (as displayed on your ID Card)
  • An NYSC Callup Number for former corps members (not earlier than 2018).
  • NYSC Callup Number for current corps members, 2022.
  • A copy of highest qualification in .pdf format
  • A copy of means of identification in .jpg or .jpeg format

Method of Application

If you are yet to create an account or register on this platform, then follow the steps outlined below:

     1. Review the requirements for the available positions.

You are expected to go through the requirements for all available Election staff positions to determine your Eligibility

     2. Click on "Register" and follow the instructions.

     3. Create your Password

After creating your password, you are automatically logged into the portal and presented with an application form

     4. Fill the Application form.

Please NOTE: This form is segmented into three (3) sections; (i) Personal Information, (ii) Contact Information and (iii) Bank Details.

Kindly enter your names as associated with your BVN.

Ensure you fill in your details correctly. You will not be allowed to edit details once the form is submitted.

     5. Upload your passport photograph.

You are required to upload a recent plain background passport photograph of size not larger than 5MB

     6. Fill in the details of your referees

     7. Check the Attestation box

The information provided, will be validated from your institutions/organization/referees

     8. Submit the application

     9. Print your acknowledgement slip.

This is mandatory as you will need this for the final verification

All the best

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