Apply UNICEF Volunteer Registration for Integrated Birth Registration & Immunization Campaign

Apply UNICEF Volunteer Registration for Integrated Birth Registration & Immunization Campaign

Apply UNICEF Volunteer Registration for Integrated Birth Registration & Immunization Campaign



Child Safeguarding Code of Conduct

Volunteers are required to read and abide by the code of conduct on all activities affiliated or in support of UNICEF Nigeria. Volunteers agree to fulfil their duty of care to safeguard children from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse to the best of their ability; and agree to abide by the principles and behaviours outlined below.

The below is not an exhaustive list and should be interpreted in a good spirit. Everyone should avoid actions or behavior which may constitute poor practice or potentially abusive behavior towards children and should ensure that a culture of openness exists empowering children. As a Volunteer for a UNICEF activity you  will:


  1. Work in a way that respects children’s rights and places their best interests above all other considerations.

  2. Treat all children with equal respect, without discrimination, regardless of their gender, culture, ethnicity, age, religion, sexual orientation, or ability.

  3. Respect cultural and religious differences when engaging with children and their families and be sensitive to these in interactions with them.

  4. Maintain appropriate boundaries at all times whenever in direct or indirect contact with children, and not engage in any conduct that breaches appropriate boundaries; this includes online and digital contact.

  5. Avoid working alone and spending excessive time with a child and be aware of situations which may present risks. You should plan your work so that, at least, two adults are present at any time and avoid taking children to your home or go to their home, especially, where they may be alone with you. If working alone is unavoidable, you should move to an area where you and the child can both be seen by other colleagues or other adults.

  6. Act on safeguarding concerns swiftly, to reduce the risk of further harm to a child, including calling the appropriate authorities.

  7. Avoid inappropriate physical contact with a child. If a child is hurt or distressed, comfort or reassure him/her without compromising his/her dignity or doing anything to discredit your own behavior.

  8. Behave appropriately, ensure that language is moderated in their presence and refrain from adult jokes or comments which are clearly unsuitable.

  9. Pay attention to what the children are saying and respond/report appropriately.

  10. Plan activities in advance to ensure they take into account the age range, gender and needs and ability of all participants.


  1. Spend time alone with children where actions cannot be observed by other adults

  2. Engage in any sexual activity (contact or non-contact) with a child, or any activity that could be perceived as intimate.

  3. Have a child with whom you are working to stay overnight at your home unsupervised.

  4. Endorse the participation of a child in abusive activities (e.g. bullying).

  5. Abuse physically or emotionally a child by acting in a way that shames or degrades them or puts them at risk of abuse.

  6. Allow allegations made by a child or concerns about their welfare to go unrecorded or not acted upon.

Transport Remuneration Internet Data and Other Incentives:

  1. All participants MUST be registered on YOMA and U-Report to qualify to participate in the volunteer program.  Follow these steps to sign up

    1. Sign up for YOMA on www.yoma.africa 

    2. SMS “JOIN” TO 24453 to sign up on U-Report or Whatsapp “JOIN” to 09087401607 or Send “JOIN” to https://t.me/UReportNigeria_Bot on Telegram

  2. All participants must have an internet-enabled android device.Specifications include: 

  • Any phone from 2020

  • Android 9 and above

  • Processor preference: Snapdragon 

  • Ram: 2gb

  • Must have the Latest version of Google Chrome browse

  • 4G network

  • Full touch screen display with good brightness

  1. This is a voluntary exercise, not a paid one, however, volunteers who are engaged in the tasks and are enlisted with proof of being active in an LGA/Ward team are entitled to daily stipends, transport allowance (calculated based on the number of days engaged EXCLUDING MOP-UP DAYS), internet data, and a certificate of participation.

  2. You will be required to work on mop-up days if your target is not covered within the implementation days. Kindly note that mop-up days will not be paid for.

  3. Your stipend will be paid within 4-6 weeks after implementation.

  4. You must attend a one-day training at the LGA before implementation begins.

  5. All volunteers MUST complete the Jobberman soft-skills training programme before implementation begins to receive the certificate of participation.

  6. All aforementioned are referred to as incentives to encourage volunteers to stay committed while on the tasks.  

  7. All incentives mentioned above are to be disbursed/delivered to volunteers at the end of the activity. 

  8. Due to the nature of this campaign (involving a massive volunteer base), reimbursement for volunteers might be delayed until about  4 - 6 weeks after the activity, kindly take note

  9. Upon completion of the activity, while the payment is being processed all enquires should be directed to your identified local government/state supervisor supporting the activity for a timely resolution.

  10. Apply link address: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfPLaua65YoXVBAZWai0qqm8DgV5EkGC0oyBt6Vkpfuvmn-5A/viewform

4 Responses to "Apply UNICEF Volunteer Registration for Integrated Birth Registration & Immunization Campaign"

  1. When is the program going to start?

  2. When is the campaign starting?

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  4. This exercise is over with volunteers putting in their best to ensure for a successful birth registration exercise yet two month has elapsed and stipends nor transport haven't been paid. Coordinators do not have concrete reasons to give to volunteers for the delayed payment either. What exactly is on?