Free  Project and Rsearch Topics For Undergraduates and Postgraduates Students

Free Project and Rsearch Topics For Undergraduates and Postgraduates Students

 Free  Project and Rsearch Topics For Undergraduates and Postgraduates Students

A legal opinion on regulatory review or legislative in the Nigeria Electricity supply industry

Evaluation of vocational rehabilitation services for persons with physical disabilities in beautiful gate handicap people’s centre jos

Determination Of Stature From Arm Span Among Students Of Benue State University

An Assessment Of Electronic Waste Management Disposal In Onitsha Main Market

The Use Of Innovative Ict Facilities For Effective Teaching Of Business Education In Michael Okpara University Of Agriculture

Historical analysis of academic programmer of department of fine and applied arts in Umar Suleiman college of education gashuar 1987-2017


Factors Affecting The Choice Of Language In A Multilingual Society

role of entrepreneurship education in solving unemployment in Nigeria (a case stud of Ijebu-Ode local government

Willingness To Practice Agriculture As A Career Among Agricultural Undergraduates In Kebbi State


Investigating The Impact Of Internet Advertising On A Success Of A Brand

Knowledge Attitude And Practice Of Youths Towards Drug Abuse

Impact Of Government Spending On Agricultural Sector In Nigeria

Life Stressors As The Risk Factor Of Suicidal Behavior Among Adolescent And Counseling Implications

Determinant Of The Spread Of Hiv/Aids Among Youth In North

Impact Of Electricity To Business And National Development

Assessment Of Crescent University Management Communication Strategies Against Drug Abuse

Economic Effect Of Cheating Petrol Pump Attendant To Motorists

An Examination Of Leadership Styles And Their Effectiveness In The Organization Performance ( A Case Study Of Birnin Kebbi Local Government)

Influence Of Loss Of Social Clubs In Schools On Students Involvement In Anti-Social Group

Water Hygiene And Enhancement Strategies Among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care

The Role Of The United States In World Affairs After September 9/11: A Case Study Of African Politics


“Interest Rate Deregulation and the Impact on Profitability of Commercial Banks”.



Partnership Business And Its Control Button To The Economics Development And Growth Of Nigeria

Problems And Prospect Of Marketing Petroleum Products In Nigeria

Changing The Trend Of Voters Apathy Through Political Communication

Loan Granting And Its Recovery Problems On Commercial Banks

The Effect Of Leadership Style On Organizational Performance

Study On Public Relation As A Veritable Tools For Eradicating Cultism In Nigeria Tertiary Institution

The Effect Of Social Media On Practice Of Public Relation

Effect Of Retirement On Psychosocial And Physical Well Being Of The Elderly In Ibadan

Psychosocial Effect Of Single Parenthood On Adolescent Self Concept

A Legal Examination Of The Role Of Taxation In Revenue Generation And Economic Development In Nigeria

A Critical Analysis Of The CyberCrime Law In Nigeria

Assessment Of The Status, Challenges And Prospects Of Campus Radio In Nigeria

The Review Of Challenges And Prospect Of Public Procurement Act 2007 In The Execution Of Construction Projects In Nigeria

An Assessment Of The Effect Of Organizational Culture On The Performance Of Quantity Surveying Firms In Nigeria

Alcoholism And Drug Abuse In Nigeria And The Role Of Christianity In Curbing This Menace

An Investigation Into The Effectiveness Of Faith In The Life Of A Christian In Nigeria

Church Planting In Nigeria: Issues And Prospects

Consequences Of Polygamous Marriage On Christian Home

Corruption In Church Its Consequences And Wayforward

Sheikh Adamd Lemu Contribution To The Development Of Islam Activities In Nigeria, His Dawal Activities As A Case Study.

History Of Religious Violence In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Kaduna And Plateau States)

Healing Through Deliverance

Impacts Of Christianity In Nnewi Anambra State

Influence Of Religious Belief On Political Participation In South West

Marketing Of Church Services In A Contemporary

The Biblical Examination Of Factors Responsible For Divisions In The Churches

The Christian Life In The Society: A Case Study Of The Early Believers

Ammeliorative Properties Of Methanol Leaf Extract Of Mucuna Pruriens On The Kidney Markers Of Malaria Infected Mice

Comparative Assessment Of Lubricant Produce From Palm Kernel Oil And Tonimas Lubricating Oil

Comparative Determination Of Protein Contents Of Breadfruit, Brown Beans And Soybeans

Determination Of The Presence And Concentration Of Some Phytochemicals In Avocado Pear (Persea Americana Mill) Seed

Determination Of The Level Of Ethanol In Alcoholic Beverages Produced In Nigeria As An Indication For Safety Standard

Design And Construction Of An Eletronic Digital Display System (Moving Message Display)

Construction Of A Simple Dynamo

Construction Of 12 Volts Battery Charger

Ethanol Production From Yam (Discorea Spp) Peels

Examine The Presence And Concentration Of Some Phytochemicals In Avocado Pear (Persea Americana Mill) Seed

Incidence Of Urinary Schistosomiasis And The Contributory Risk Factors Among School Children In Agulu.

Production Of Mosquito Repellent Using Orange Peels

Biocontrol Potential Of Bacillus Thuringiensis Isolaled From Soil Samples Against Larva Of Mosquito

Design And Implementation Of Electronic Billboard

The Use Of Computer In Civil Engineering

The Extraction Of Managanese (Iv) Ion From Aqueous Media Using 1-Phethyl-3-Methyl Pyrazolone-5

Renal Protective Effect Of Ginger On Wistar Albino Rat Fed With Drinking Water Containing Nitrate

Isolation And Preliminary Characterisation Of Column Eluates From The Leaf Of Vernonia Amygdalina

Effect Of Contact Time On The Adsorption Of Methylene Blue Onto Almond Shell

Comparative Physico-Chemical Analysis Of Sealed And Road Side Engine Oils Sold Within Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

Bioremediation Of Oil-Contaminated Soil Using Emulsifier (Liquid Soap), Npk Fertilizer And Microbial (Bacillus Sp) Treatment

Refining Of Palm Kernel Oil

Enhancement Of Cellulosic Ethanol Production Through Aspergillus Niger Modification

Effect Of Particle Size On Oil Yield Using Scent Bean Seed (‘Ozaki’)

Assessment Of Carbon Monoxide (Co) Level In Enugu Metropolis Monitoring Industrial And Residential Area

Air Injection Studies For Enhanced Oil Recovery

Impact Of Laboratory Practical On Senior Secondary School Student Academic Achievement In Ss2 Biology, Chemistry And Mathematics

Career Prospect On Confidential Secretary In A Public Establishment

Comparison Of Performances Of Male And Female Secretaries In An Organization

Contributions Of Confidential Secretaries Towards Organizations Development

Effect Of Lack Of Adequate Training Facilities On The Production Secretaries

Effect Of Office Automation On The Productivity Of Secretaries

Effect Of Stress On Secretaries’ Job Performance

Essentialities Of Good Human Relations To The Effective Performance Of Secretarial Functions

Impact Of Internet On The Secretarial Profession

Impact Of Office Technology On Secretarial Profession

Importance Of A Secretary To The Development Of An Institution

A Study Of Sociological Factors Affecting Professional Secretarial Career In Nigeria

A Survey Of Roles And Performance Effectivity Of Secretaries In Modern Communication Industries In Enugu Urban

Benefits Of Information Technology On The Job Performance Of Secretaries Employed In Federal Polytechnic Oko.

The Challenges Of Information And Office Technology And Management Department, Federal Polytechnic, Oko. Anambra State

The Effects Of Modern Office Automation On The Productivity Of Secretaries

An Investigation Into Moral Decadence Among Youth In Efurun Community In Owvie Local Government Are Of Delta

Attitude Of Undergraduate Youth Towards Democratic Values

Crime And Violence As A Barrier To Gender Equality In Nigeria

Effect Of Commercial Sex Workers On Girls In Nigeria

Effect Of Pension Schemes On The Nigerian Workers

Efficiency And Effectiveness Of Security Agencies In Nigeria Ports

An Assessment Of Participation In Outdoor Recreation Activities

History Of Transportation In Abuja Metropolis

Impact Of Safety Measures On Water Transportation In Nigeria

Impact Of Rail Transport Development On Tourism Performance In Nigeria

A Statistical Analysis Of Road Accidents In Nigeria

A Survey On The Performance Of Indigenous Sea Farers In The Nigerian Coastal Shipping Industries

Absorptive Capacity And Organizational Resilience Of Aviation Industry In Port Harcourt, River State- Nigeria

Perceived Difficulties Of Some Biological Concept By Senior Secondary School Students In The Study Of Some Biological Concept

Impact Of Problem Solving And Lecture Method On Biology Students Performance In Secondary Schools In Owerri Municipal Council

Ethnobotany Of Contraceptives Among The People Of Ejigbo, Osun State

Comparative Analysis Of Students’ Secondary School Performance In Biology Between 2012 And 2016 In Oyo Town

Challenges Besetting The Effective Teaching And Learning Of Biology In Senior Secondary Schools

Small And Medium Scale Industrial Cluster Osisioma

Nysc Orientation Camp Owerri Imo State

Internally Displaced Persons Camp, Enugu State

Architectural Design Of A Farmers’ Market, At Onitsha, Anambra State

The Effect Of Soaked Cassava Peel Meal Supplemented With Enzyme As Replacement For Maize On The Blood Haematological Characteristics Of Broiler Chickens

The Effect Of Dietary Intake Of Moringa Leaf Water On Broiler Finisher Diet

Performance Of Weaner And Grower Pigs Fed Diets Containing Graded Levels Of Soybean Hull

Investigation On The Effect Of Animal Metabolism On Urban Heat Island Production In Orji, Imo State

Influence Of Genotype And Feed Restriction On Post-Weaning Growth Performance Of Domestic Rabbit

Genetic Evaluation Of Performance And Blood Biochemistry In Japanese Quail

Comparative Evaluation Of The Nutritive Value Of Different Feed Energy Sources With And Without Enzyme Supplementation On The Performance Of Broiler Chickens

Relationship Between Serum Testosterone, Digit Ratio And Body Composition Among Adolescents Of Igbo Ethnic Group In Nigeria

Effects Of Phoenix Dactylifera On Some Reproductive Organs And Hormonal Profiles Of Male Wistar Rats

Effect Of Aqueous Extract Of Lawsonia Inermis Leaves On The Liver Following Acute Ethanol-Induced Hepatic Damage In Wistar Rats

Distribution Of Abo And Rh (D) Blood Groups And Associated Traits: A Study Of The College Of Nursing And Midwifery, Obangede, Kogi State

The Effect Of Organic And Inorganic Fertilizers On Cucurbita Moschata.

Role Of Agriculture In Economic Growth And Poverty Reduction In Nigeria

Prevalence Of Oral Candidiasis (Oral Thrush) Among Diabetic Patients Attending Imo State University Teaching Hospital Orlu

Parasitic Nematode Associated With Maize Damage In Awka Metropolis

Poverty And Agricultural Productivity In Oyo West Local Government Area Of Oyo State

Organisms Associated With Palm Oil Fruit

Modification Of Biomass Steam Turbine Generator

Influence Of Plantation Age On Characteristics Of Gmelina Arborea

Impact Of Agricultural Funding On Unemployment Reduction In Nigeria (1985 -2016)

Evaluating The Role Of Government Policies In Promoting Agricultural Insurance In Nigeria

Evaluating The Effects Of Cutting Type And Different Rooting Media On The Vegetative Propagation Of African Black Pepper (Piper Guineense L.)

Effects Of Agro-Allied Funding And Agricultural Productivity In Nigeria

Effect Of Npk Fertilizer Application On The Growth And Yield Of Cucumber (Cucumis Sativus L.)

Determination Of Hydraulic Roughness Coefficient Of Some Vegetated Species

Assessment On The Knowledge Of Food Vendors On Food Hygiene In Imo State

The Use Of Bitterleaf (Vernonia Amygdalina) Extract As A Means Of Extending The Shelf-Life Of Locally Brewed Sorghum Beer

The Impact Of Agricultural Export In The Economic Growth Of Nigeria

The Effects Of Spent Engine Oil Pollution On The Germination Of Arachis Hypogaea Seeds

Willingness To Practice Agriculture As A Career Among Agricultural Undergraduates In Imo State

The Effect Of Microfinance Banks Services On Agricultural Production Of Members Of Cooperative Societies In Awka South Local Government Area Of Anambra State

Effect Of Climate Change On Agricultural Productivity In Nigeria (1980-2014)

Economic Analysis Of Pig Production In Ihiala Local Government Area, Anambra State

Economic Analysis Of Deforestation In Enugu State, Nigeria.

The Relationship Between Age And Childlessness As Key Factor In Family Stability

Suitable Techniques For Improving The Teaching And Learning Of Ict In Tertiary Institutions From The Opinions Of Business Educators

Factors That Promote Community Development In Anaocha Local Government Area Of Anambra State

Evaluation On The Implementation Of The Marketing Trade Subject Curriculum In Anambra State.

Comparative Assessment Of The Effect Of Different Rates Of Goat Droppings On The Performance Of Amaranthus Hybridus

Impact Of Non-Traditional Variables In Health Care Risk Adjustment (A Case Study Of Uth, Uyo, Akwaibom)

The Impact Of Cash Flow Management On The Insurance Industry (A Case Study Of Aicco Insurance)

Survey On Market Risk In Nigeria

Credit Risk Modelling Techniques For Life Insurers

Effective Internal Control As An Aid To Management Efficiency (A Case Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company) (N.B.C) Owerri

Effect Of Corporate Governance On Earnings Management Practices Of Nigeria Quoted Companies (2010-2015)

Effect of Corporate Governance Mechanisms on Tax Avoidance in Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria

Capital Structure and Financial Performance of Listed Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria

Auditor’S Legal Responsibility And Its Effect On Accounting Profession

Application Of Forensic Accounting Skills And Detection Of Financial Crimes In Nigeria (The Study Of Quoted Manufacturing Firms)

A Comparative Study on the Application of Cost Volume Profit Analysis in Management Decisions of Manufacturing Organizations: A Study of Chikason Groundnut Oil Company and 7up Bottling Company

Examine The Influence Of Teaching And Learning Material/Resources In The Teaching Of Accounting In Senior Secondary Schools In Owerri Municipal Imo State

The Impact Of Employees Participation In Decision Making In Nigerian Public Sectors. (A Case Study Of Power Holding Company Of Nigeria (Phcn) Enugu)

The Role Of Co-Operative Societies Towards Development Of Rural Areas (A Case Study Of Idah Local Government Area Of Kogi State)

The Effect Of Industrial Work Experience On Student In Tertiary Institution (Case Study Of Federal Polytechnic Oko In Anambra State)

Privatization and National Development in Nigeria: A Case Study of Nigeria’s Power Sector

Construction Of Steel Frame Drawing Desk

Western Entertainment Television Programmes: A Catalyst for Behavioral Tendencies among Students of Babcock and Covenant Universities

The role of television in the promotion of Nigeria premier league

The Role Of Public Relations In The Survival And Maintenance Of Industrial Harmony, A Case Study Of The Nestle Nigeria Plc

The Role Of Public Relations In Crisis Management (A Case Study Of The Etiti Ihitte-Uboma, Local Government Area Of Imo State)

The Influence Of Media Ownership And Control On Media Agenda Settings Using Nigeria As Case Study

The Importance Of Radio Broadcasting/Programme

The Importance Of Prints Broadcast Medium As An Agent Of Social Development

The Impact Of Woman In Advertising

The Impact Of Social Media In Journalism

Radio Public Enlightment Program In-Cubing Hiv/Aids

Mass Media Ethical Orientation And The Quest For Professionalism In Nigeria

Mass Media As A Tool To Stem Insurgency Tide In The Country (Case Study Nigeria)

Influence Of New Media On News Production

History And Development Of Photography In Nigeria

Challenges And Prospect In Digital Broadcasting In Nigeria

Broadcast News Commentaries As A Strategy For Social Change

Assessment Of The Role Of Mass Media As An Instrument Of Economic Development

Advertising: A Survival Strategy For Mass Media Organisation (A Case Study Of Nigeria Television Authority, NTA, Enugu)

Effective Marketing Strategies for Improved Performance of Manufacturing Companies

Effect Of Marketing Concept On The Performance Of Manufacturing Company

The Forces Of Demand And Supply As It Affect The Provision Of Residential Properties In An Urban Area.

Issues and Challenges in the Execution of Public Sector Housing Projects in Nigeria

A Study of Urban Poor and Accessibility to Public Housing in Nigeria

A Study of ICT in the Real Estate Industry

Design And Construction Of A 1.5 Kva Inverter

The Impact Of The Nigerian Economy On The Banking Sector

Role Of Capital Market In Industrial Growth And Development In Nigeria

Problems And Prospects Of Small And Medium Enterprises In Nigeria. A Case Study Of Enugu East Senatorial Zone.

Design And Construction Of Bidirectional Visitors Counter Using Micro controller

Application Of Servomechanism As A Closed Loop Feedback

Effects Of Inventory Control On The Performance Of Construction Companies

Role Of Airport Administration In Fight Against Terrorism In Nigeria

Impact Of Teaching, Planning On Students Achievement In Biology

Impact Of Money Market On The Liquidity Of Some Selected Quoted Banks In Nigeria

Impact Of Capital Market On Economic Growth Of Nigeria

Credit Management And The Incidence Of Bad Debt In Nigeria Money-Deposit Banks. (A Case Study Of Union Bank Of Nigeria Plc)

Appraisal Of The Economic Implication Of Electronic Banking In Nigeria Banks (A Case Study Of Diamond Bank)

Perceived Influence Of The Work Environment On Productivity Among Administrative Staff

The Impact Of Communication On Organisation Efficiency (A Case Study Of Economic And Financial Crimes Commission Abuja)

The Impact of Physical Distribution Strategies on Organizational Performance

The Impact Of Employee’s Participation In Decision Making On Organizational Performance (A Study Of Some Selected Private Organizations)

The Impact of Management Information System (M.I.S) On Organisational Productivity (A Case Study Of First Bank Of Nigeria Plc)

The Effects Of Cost Control Of Cooperative Organization. (A Case Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company)

The Impact Of Exchange Rate Variations On Aggregate Demands In Nigeria (1979 – 2008)”

Investment Appraisal A Guide To Effective Managerial Decision (A Case Study Of Selected Manufacturing Company In Nnewi, Anambra State)

Sales Promotion As An Effective Tool In Achieving Organizational Objective. (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc)

Job Evaluation As A Tool For The Determination Of Salaries And Wages (A Case Study Of P&G)

Role Of Trade Union On Manpower Development (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc)

Role Of Trade Union In Manpower Development. (A Case Study Of Nigeria Labour Congress, Nlc)

Role Of Small Scale Business In The Economic Development. (A Case Study Of West-End Micro Finance Bank)

Role Of Commercial Banks In The Performance Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprise In Nigeria. (A Case Study Of First Bank Plc)

Profit, A Tool For Organizational Survival (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc)

Marketing Research In A Tool For Organisational Profitability. (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc)

Man Power Inventory And Organizational Productivity In The Pharmaceuticals Industry. (A Case Study Of Evans Pharmaceutical IND, Nigeria)

Impact Of Strategic Management On Organizational Productivity. (A Case Study Of Cadbury Nigeria Plc)

Impact Of Product Planning And Development On Organisational Survival (A Case Study of Nestle Nigeria. Plc)

Effect Of Motivation On Organizational Productivity. (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc)

Impact Of Materials Management In A Manufacturing Company. (A Case Study Of Seven-Up Bottling Company)

Impact Of Marketing Communication On Consumer Brand Loyalty (A Case Study Of Nestle Nigeria Plc Agbara)

Impact Of Human Resources Planning On Effective Corporate Performance (A Case Study Of May & Baker Plc, Ota Ogun State)

Impact Of Cooperative Societies On The Welfare Of Members In Public Sector (A Case Study Of Ado Odo Ota Local Government, Ogun state)

Entrepreneurship As An Instrument For Improving Economic Growth Of A Nation. (A Case Study Of Sam’S Choice Ventures Sango-Ota, Ogun state)

Employing Total Quality Management And Its Impact On Organizational Performance. (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc).

Effects Of Strategic Planning On Small Scale Enterprise (A Case Study Of Microfinance Bank)

Effects Of On – The –Job Training On Workers Productivity. (A Case Study Of Nestle Nigeria Plc)

Effects Of Occupational Safety And Health Programs On Employee Performance

Effects Of Industrial Stress On Management Effectiveness And Efficiency. (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc,)

Effects Of Co-Operative Societies On The Standard Of Living Of Its Members. (A Case Study Of Nestle Nigeria Plc, Agbara )

Effects Of Cooperate Social Responsibility On Profitability Of Multinational Companies. (A Case Study Of Nestle Nigeria Plc)

Effective Utilization Of Management By Objectives In Nigerian Organization

Effective Customer Services Through Management Information System As A Panacea For Growth In The Banking Industry. (A Case Study Of Eco Bank Plc,)

Effective Communication As An Impetus For Managerial Performance (Case Study Of Elizade Nigeria Limited, Lagos)

Effect Of Total Quality Management On The Performance Of Manufacturing Industry. (A Case Study Of Pz Cussons Plc)

Effect Of Recruitment And Selection Process On Labour Turnover

The Effect Of Privatization On Nigerian Economy

Effect Of Monetary Policy On Small And Medium Scale Enterprises Development (A Case Study Of Shiraks Water)

Assessment Of Dietary Pattern And Nutritional Status Of People Living With Hiv Aids Attending Some Voluntary And Counselling Test

Antilipidemic Effect Of Water (H20) Extract Of Desmodium Velutinum Leaves On Albino Wistar Rats

Anti Hyperlipidemic Potential Of Vitex Donianaethanolextracts On Poloxamer 407 Induced Hyperlipidemic And Normal Rats

Effect Of Merger And Acquisition On Commercial Banks Performance. (A Case Study Of Intercontinental Bank Plc, Lagos State)

Effect Of Management By Objective On Organization Performance (A Case Study Of GLAXO-SMITH-KLINE Nigeria Plc)

Effect Of Job Stress On Employee Performance. (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc, Agbara)

Effect Of Inventory Management On Organizational Productivity. (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc)

Effect Of Internal Environment On Employee Performance In Power Holding Company Of Nigeria (PHCN), Enugu

Effect Of Information Technology On Organizational Productivity. (A Case Study Of Nestle Nigeria Plc, Agbara Ogun State)

Effect Of Corporate Social Responsibility On Organisation Performance. (A Case Study Of Viju Industry Nigeria Limited)

Effect Of Conflict Resolution On Organizational Performance. (A Case Study Of Nestle Nigeria Plc, Agbara Ogun State)

Corporate Social Responsibility (An Instrument To Improving Organizational Image).

Contribution of Co-Operative Societies to Economic Development in Nigeria. (A Case Study of Unilever Nigeria Plc, Agbara)

Analysis Of Factors Responsible For Low productivity Of The Nigerian Workers. (A Case Study Of Power Holding Company Enugu Zonal Office)

An Evaluation Of The Impact Of Supervision And Control Of The Central Bank On The Performance Of Commercial Banks (A Case Study Of Access Bank Nig Plc Lagos Branch)

An Evaluation Of The Effect Of Manpower Training And Development In Service Organisations. (A Case Study Of Power Holding Company Of Nigeria (Phcn) Plc Enugu Zone)

An Analysis Of Business Merger And Acquistion And Their Impact On Business Profitability (A Case Study Of Access Bank Plc)

Impact of Orphanage Home on the Child Personality

The Effect of Gender Inequality on Women Employment Opportunity

The Effect Of Street Hawking Among Teenage Girls

The Contributions Of Vigilante Groups In Crime Control In Ethiope East Local Government Area Of Delta State

Socio-Economic Impact of Crisis and Militancy on Tourism Destination in South-West Nigeria

The Problems of Youth Unemployment and Rural Crime

Knowledge and Attitude of Early Childhood Care Education Students towards the Study of Early Child Education as a Course in Colben

Family Planning As an Agent of Population Reduction of the Increasing Population in Nigeria

An Investigation into the Causes, Prevalence and Effect of Female Prostitution in Nigeria Tertiary Institutions

The Negative Impact of Women and Child Trafficking

Assessment Of The Role Of The Teacher In Classroom Management In Nigeria

Relationship Between Drug Abuse And Tone Of Discipline In Secondary Schools

The Quality Of Nigerian Tertiary Institution Graduates: Perception Of Employers

The Problems Encountered By Social Workers In Social Work Practice

Knowledge And Practice Of Contraception Among Male Adolescent Students Of College Of Education

The Influence Of Principals’ leadership Styles On Secondary School Teachers Job Performance

The Impact Of Effective Planning On Teaching And Learning Process

The Effect Of Twitter Social Networking Sites On The Behaviour Of Secondary School Students

Teenage Pregnancy And How It Affects Educational Development Of Our Teenagers

Principal Component Analysis Of Students Performance

Motivational Needs of Public Primary School Teachers In Nigeria

Impact of Orphanage Home on the Child’s Personality Development

Factors Responsible For Child Abuse and Neglect in Kaduna South Local Government of Kaduna State

Factors Influencing Teachers’ Effectiveness Questionnaire (FITEQ)

The Attitude Of Parents Towards The Primary Education Of Their Children

Effects Of Stress On Academic Performance Of Students

Effects Of Socio-Economic Background Of Parents On Academic Achievement Of Their Children In Schools

Effect Of Child Hawking On Educational Development

Causes Of Pupils’ Truancy In Primary Schools And Its Educational Implication

Causes And Effect Of Mass Failure Of Mathematics In Junior Secondary School Certificate Examination

An Evaluation of the Implementation of the Universal Basic Education (UBE) Programme

Standard Costing and Variance Analysis as an Aid to Management Decision Making. (A Case Study of Dangote Group Companies.)

The Use Of Accounting Information As A Management Tool For Decision Making (Case Study Of Dangote Nigeria Plc.)

The Role Of Financial Institution In A Developing Economy (A Case Study Of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, Agbara)

The Problem Of Financing International Trade In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Free Trade Zone, Ogun State)

The Importance Of Marginal Costing Technique In Pricing Decision In A Manufacturing Company (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigeria Plc)

The Effect Of Tax Collection On Profitability Of The Companies In Nigeria Case Study: Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS), Abuja

The Effect Of Cost Control On The Profit Of An Organization (A Case Study Viju Indusries Nigerian Limited)

The Effect Of Tax Planning And Management On Corporate Financial Organization- Case Study: Guaranty Trust Bank (Gtb), Agbara Branch

Ratio Analysis: Tools For Performance Evaluation In Companies (A Case Study Of Glaxosmithkline)

The Impact Of Internal Control System On Revenue Generation: (A Case Study Of Power Holding Company Of Nigeria (P.H.C.N) Okpara Avenue Enugu)

Internal audit as a tools in achieving organizational objectives (a case study of first bank plc, agbara)

Impact Of Taxation On Ogun State Development. (A Case Study Of Ogun State Internal Revenue Service, Ado-Odo/Ota)

Effectiveness of pricing policy and profit planning in Nigerian organizations: a performance appraisal of some selected manufacturing firms.

Auditing As A Tool For Effective Internal Control Systems In The Nigerian Hospitality Industry (A Case Study Of Benue Hotel Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria)

An Effective Customer Billing System, A Panacea For Substance Of Growth In The Hospitality Industry (A Case Study Of Soltrag & Destiny Hotel)

Role Of Broadcasting Service In Conflict Resolution

Effect of management information system in the service delivery (A case study of university of Uyo)

Development Of A Stock Management System (A Case Study Of Samsiz Supermarket, Agbara)

Design And Implementation Of A Sales Management System (A Case Study Of Gbemade Mini Sawmill And Woodwork)

Development of web based Job recruitment portal (A Case Study Of Mubat Feed Mill, Ogun State )

Design and Implementation of Inventory Management system

Design and Implementation of Online Admission Screening System

Design and Implementation of an Online Chat System

Design and implementation of an online file sharing system

Design and implementation of a computerized assignment submission system (a case study of computer science department (ogitech)

Design and implementation of an online bookshop (A Case Study Of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri Bookshop)

Automated Questioning System (A Case Study Of Faculty Of Pure And Applied Science, Ogun State Institute Of Technology)

Design And Implementation Of A Web-based Recruitment System For The Nigeria Air-force

Development Of An Online Visitor Gate pass Management System (A Case Study Of Ogitech Security Gate, Igbesa)

Tax incentives: catalyst for industrial development and economic growth in Nigeria (a study of selected industries and firms in Port Harcourt, Rivers state)

Auditors gap of independence and reliability of financial statement (a case study of PWC Nigeria)

Company income tax administration in Nigeria problems and prospects (a case study of Federal Inland Revenue service)

The impact of working capital management on the profitability of the manufacturing companies (a study of PZ-Cussons industries PLC)

Accountability in non-profit making organization

Importance of accounting information in improving profitability in telecommunication industry in Nigeria (a case study of MTN zonal office, Enugu)

Impact of financial planning and control on business organization in Nigeria (a case study of First bank of Nigeria, Abakaliki, Ebonyi state)

An empirical assessment of performance of firms in the Nigerian cement industry

Working capital management and profitability of listed pharmaceutical firms in Nigeria

Working capital management as a tool for cost minimization and profit maximization (a case study of Anambra motor manufacturing company, Enugu)

Budgeting and budgetary control system as a tool for decision making in an organization ( a case study of Nigerian bottling company)

E-taxation administration in Nigeria: problems & prospect: a case study of Imo state board of internal revenue, Owerri

Evaluating corporate financial performance using accounting ratio: a study of first bank of Nigeria, Abakaliki, Ebonyi state

The effect of auditing guidelines on the measure of manufacturing company’s Profit: a case study of Nigeria Breweries Plc, Enugu

Impact of IFRS adoption on labour mobility of private accountants in Nigerian banks: a case study of First bank of Nigeria PLC, Aba, Abia state

Debt management of commercial bank in Nigeria: problems and prospects: a case study of Union bank plc, Abakaliki

Impact of liquidity management on the efficiency of manufacturing firms (a case Study of Rokana Industry Nigeria Plc., Owerri)

The benefit of effective inventory management in an organization

The effects of computerized accounting system on the performance of banking industry in Nigeria

Contributions Of Insurance Industry To Gross Domestic Product

Effect Of Exchange Rate On The Nigerian Balance Of Payments

Empirical Analysis Of The Impact Of Monetary Policy On Economic Development In Nigeria

Impact Of Capital Market On The Economic Growth Of Nigeria

Evaluation Of The Impact Of Napep On Entrepreneurship Development In Nigeria

Comparative Study Of Expenditure Control Methods In Government And Privately Owned Hospitals

Appraisal Of Selected Poverty Alleviation Programmes On Economic Development In Nigeria

Impact Of Industrial Output On The Economy Of Nigeria

Analysis Of Credit Facilities To Small Scale Farmers

Analysis Of The Impact Of Unemployment And Inflation On Balance Of Payment In Nigeria

Impact Of Monetary Policy Measures As An Instrument Of Economic Stabilization In Nigeria

The Need For The Development Of Entrepreneurship In A Depressed Economy, A Case Study Of Nassi Enugu State

An Analysis Of The Economic Impact Of Stock Market On Nigerian Economy

An Assessment Of The Impact Of Manufacturing Sector On Economic Growth In Nigeria

Determinants Of Investment In Nigeria

Impact Of Non-Oil Export On Nigerian Economy

Impact of Taxation on Inequality in Nigeria

Poverty And The Nigerian Economy

Recapitalization Policy And The Banks Performance In Nigeria

The Contribution Of Bank Of Industry (BOI) To Industrial Development In Nigeria

The Effect Of Urbanization And Unemployment On The Nigerian Economy

An Investigation Of The Contributions Of Microfinance Banking Institution To Capital Formation In Nigeria

An Assessment Of The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On Nigerian Economic Growth

An Assessment On The Impact Of Industrialization On Economic Growth In Nigeria

An Empirical Analysis Of The Impact Of Deposit Money Bank On The Manufacturing Sector In Nigeria

An Empirical Analysis Of The Impact Of Government Expenditure On Economic Growth Of Nigeria

An Empirical Analysis Of The Impact Of Private Sector On The Economic Growth And Development Of Nigeria

Analysis Of The Determinations Of Inflation In Nigeria

Budget Deficit And Current Account Balance In Nigeria

Foreign Direct Investment And Its Impact On The Development Of Nigerian Economy

Population Growth And Economic Development In Nigeria

Assessment Of The Role Of Gender In Cooperative Development

Motivation And Employee Performance In Public Sector (A Case Study Of Nta Channel 12 Owerri)

Customer Registration and Stock System Department Of The Company

Computerization Of Student Examination Result ( A CASE STUDY OF KOGI STATE POLYTECHNIC, LOKOJA )

A Card Based Security System (A Case Study of Eco Bank)

Design and development of personnel information system

Computerization of medical records and diagnosis

Design and implementation of voice based email system for blinds

Design and implementation of road traffic management system

Design and simulation of authentication and adaptive security for DNS system

Design and implementation of a pharmacy management system

Design and implementation of data mining for medical record system

Mobile based Java tutorial and certification system

Design And Implementation Of A Computer Based Treasury Management System (A Case Study Of Guarantee Trust Bank PLC)

Design And Implementation Of A Computer Based Household Inventory System

User Application Software For Estate Management Practice

Design and Implementation of Timetable Generating System

Automation Of Student Information Management System

Design and Implementation of Student Information System

Design and Implementation of Search Engine System

Design and Implementation of Patient Diagnosis System

Design and Implementation of Mobile Application For Waste Management

Design and Implementation of Medical Expert System

Design and Implementation of Mathematics Tutoring Application for Secondary School Student

Design and Implementation of Laundry Management System

Design and Implementation of Information System for Hospital Management

Design and Implementation of Online Radio Streaming Application

Design and implementation of a computerized game (A Case Study Ludo Game)

The role of the media in the promotion Of government policies in Nigeria

Computer Based Examination For Staff Recruitment

Computer Animation for Nursery Pupils ( A Case Study Of Lizbey Model School)

Adaptive quiz system ( A Case Study Of Greater Height Schools)

Effects of computer assisted concept mapping and Digital video instruction on students Achievement in chemistry

Design And Implementation Of Student Verification System

Design And Implementation Of Computerized Documentation System For Court Proceedings (A Case Study of Federal High Court of Calabar)

Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Visa Processing Information System (A Case Study Of British Embassy)

Design and implementation of a computerized case scheduling system of court of law (a case study of imo state higCompanies

Design and development of a diagnostic expert system for kidney diseases

Design and implementation of project defense grading system

Design and implementation of an online medical billing system

Design and implementation of digital image cryptosystem with adaptive steganography

Online drivers license registration and renewal system

Design and implementation of online examination system for staff recruitment

Design and implementation of a web-based timetable scheduling system for a tertiary institution

Design and implementation of a simple scientific calculator

Design and implementation of an online school fees payment system

Design and implementation of web-based student information system

Design and implementation of a computerized cargo transportation management system

Design and implementation of a web-based recruitment portal

Design and implementation of an online student registration portal

Design and implementation of a computerized restaurant management information system

Design and implementation of an interactive online platform for students and school supervisors

Computerised economic growth monitoring system

Simulation of a queuing system

Design and implementation of a multimodal biometric system for online voting

Design and implementation of healthcare monitoring system

Design and implementation of an electronic fund transfer system

Gymnasium management System

Design and implementation of an online campus opinion poll system

Design and implementation of student evaluation program

Design and implementation of an integrated software suit for academic planning unit

Design and implementation of a supermarket management system

Design and implementation of online restaurant food ordering system

The use of accounting information in assessing control and performance in an organization (A case study of first bank of Nigeria owerri)

Financial and economic crimes, its implications for the banking industry and Nigeria economy

The Impact Of Internet Banking On Profitability Of Commercial Banks In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Fidelity Bank Plc 2012-2014)

Effect Of Mergers And Acquisitions On Employee Morale (A Case Study Of First City Monument Bank Plc, Calabar)

The Effect Of The Naira Devaluation On Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Nigeria ( A Case Study Of Selected Mini Importers In Lagos State)

Analysis Of Finite Horizon Investment Strategies For A Logarithmic Utility Function

Evaluation Of Bank Lending Practices And Credit Management In Nigeria

A critical assessment of the role of bank verification number (BVN) in reducing fraud in Nigerian banks. (a case study of central bank of Nigeria, uyo branch)

The role of currency devaluation in developing countries, a case study of Nigeria.

The Impact Of The CBN’s Cashless Policy On The Development Of The Banking Sector Of Nigeria

The Effect Of Marketing Promotion On The Efficiency Of Banks (A Study Of Zenith Bank And First Bank)

The Impact Of Job Satisfaction On Sales Team Productivity (A Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc)

The Impact Of Marketing Strategy On Productivity Of Organizations (A Study Of First Bank And Ecobank)

The impact of sales promotion on customers’ loyalty in the Nigerian telecommunication industry. (a study of mtn asaba)

Impact Of Customer Retention On Business Performance (A Study Of Favourites Fast Food Industry)

Marketing Concept And It’s Application In Customer Services, (A Case Study For UBA)

The Effects Of Consumerism In Marketing Of Fake/Counterfeit Drugs In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Onitsha Drug Market)

The Effects Of Organizational Culture On Employee Performance And Productivity

The Impact Of Effective Personal Selling Strategies On The Marketing Of Industrial Products

The Relevance Of Packaging And Branding On Marketing Productivity Of Locally Made Products

Marketing Research And Its Importance In The Nigerian Banking Industry

Effects Of Marketing Segmentation On Sales Performance In Beverages Industry

An Assessment Of The Impact Of Marketing Segmentation On Production Planning In An Organization

The Relevance Of Sales Promotion To Business Organizations

The Impact Of Market Segmentation And Product Positioning In A Service Industry

The Effect Of Quality Service Delivery On Customers Patronage In First Bank Plc

The Effect Of Packaging On Sales Of Goods

The Effect Of Forecasting Techniques On Sales Performance

Impact Of Branding And Packaging On Sales Turnover Of Nestle Food Nigeria Plc

Effect Of Promotional Tools In Product Marketing

An Examination Of Potential Benefits & Constraints Associated With Small Business’ Use Of E-Commerce

Marketing Segmentation and Targeting Strategies for a Firm Competitive Growth

The impact of advertising on the growth of small scale business in general (a study of standard insurance company, Aba)

The influence of advertising and personal selling on marketing of new products of commercial banks in Aba (a case study of UBA Nigeria PLC, Aba)

The influence of sales promotion on consumer brand loyalty

Sales promotion as a tool for increasing profitability in an organization (a case study of Nigeria bottling company PLC, Owerri)

Product differentiation as a competitive tool in the marketing of soft drink

The impact of sales promotion on organizational performance (a case study of Nigeria bottling company PLC)

The effect of marketing research in product planning process

The relevance of marketing planning in achieving the business growth of dealers of electronics in Imo state (a study of selected dealers of electronic in Owerri metropolis)

The contribution of small scale industries in the economic development of Nigeria (a study of hardis and dromedas Emene Enugu state)

Impact of advertising on the marketing of Forte petroleum product in Port-Harcourt: Study of Forte petroleum Port-Harcourt, River state

Consumer attitude towards made in Nigerian products (a study of Aba made leather works)

The Role Of The Legislature In Policy Making Process

The Impact Of The Global Economic Meltdown On The Achievement Of The Millenium Development Goals In Nigeria

Politics Of Recruitment In The Civil Service (1999-2010)

Transformational Leadership Behaviours (Tlbs) And Management Of Federal Universities In South Eastern Nigeria (2000-2012)

Performance Management Of Civil Service In 1999 – 2011

Investment Management Practices And Growth Of Public Enterprises

An Evaluation Of The Implementation Of Servicom In The Federal Public Service In South-East Nigeria 2005 -2011

Administration Of Nigerian Capital Market And National Development, 1980 – 2009

The Effect Of Privatization And Commercialization Of Government Owned Companies On Developing Economy

Challenges Of The Freedom Of Information Bill To The Broadcast Media ( A Case Study Of NTA Uyo)

An Assessment Of The Role Of The Mass Media In Re-Branding Nigeria (A Case Study Of Nta, Channel 12, Uyo)

The Influence Of Broadcast Media On The Sales Of Fast Moving Consumer Goods In Port Harcourt

The Role Of Radio In Mobilizing Nigerian Women Into Politics

Customers Perception Of GSM Interruptive Advertisement In Nigeria: A Study Of GSM Users In Abraka

The Impact Of Graphic Presentation In Newspaper Production: A Case Study Of The Tide Newspaper And Beacon Newspaper

The Use Of African Communication System In Polio Eradication Campaign

Newspaper Ownership And Editorial Independence A Comparative Analysis Of Tide And Guardian Newspaper

Influence Of Billboard Advertising Of Students Electioneering Campaign In FIDEI Polytechnic Gboko

Influence Of Social Media On Political Marketing In 2015 Governorship Election In Delta State

Perception and Social Influence of Electronic Media Advertising on Students

The Use Of State Broadcast Media As Propaganda Machinery By State Government

The role of road transportation mode in the marketing of agricultural products. ( a case study of Abakaliki L.G.A. Ebonyi State)

The Role Of Radio And Television In Rural Development

The Role Of Punch Newspaper In Creating Awareness Against Drug Abuse (A case study of selected residents in Lagos Nigeria)

The Role Of Media In The Management Of Environmental Health Issues In Nigeria

The Role Of Mass Media In Crisis Resolution

The Press In Nigerian Politics: Analysis Of Issues And Patterns Of News Coverage

The Impact Of Reportorial Techniques On Reading Audience Of AKWA IBOM Broadcasting Corporation (AKBC) UYO, AKWA IBOM STATE.

Newspaper Readership Pattern Among Nigerian Youths. (a case study of IMT students)

Newspaper Coverage Of Drug Abuse In Nigeria A Study Three Selected News Papers

Challenges Facing The Media In Dissemination Of Information (A Case Study Of NTA)

An Appraisal of Nigeria Media as Instrument of Eradicating Corruption in Nigeria (Case Study Of NTA Effect On Obasanjo’s Anti- Corruption Crusade)

Hazards Of Journalism Profession Under Military Regime (From 1993 – 1998)

Feedback Mechanism As A Tool In Determining Programming (A Case Study Of Esbs 2 Fm) Enugu

Listenership Level And Perception Of Federal University Of Technology Minna Campus Radio Program (A Case Study Of Listeners In Minna)

The Role Of Organizational Communication In Tertiary Institution Of Learning In Nigeria

Listener’s Assessment On Agricultural Programmes On Rural Area Based Radio (Case study of Independent Television/Radio, Benin City, Edo State)

Influence Of News Commercialization On The News Credibility In Broadcast Media: A Case Study Of NTA

The Effects Of Ownership On Professionalism In The Broadcast Industries

The Role Of Mass Media In Enlightening Nursing Mothers On The Benefits Of Exclusive Breast Feeding (EBF)

Prospects And Challenges Of Campus Broadcast Stations In Nigeria: A Case Study Of Unique 88.5 Fm

The Effects Of Social Media On Small Business

The Effect Of Human Resource Management (HRM) Practices On Organizational Performance

Management Of Bad Debts In Micro Finance Banks In Nigeria ( A Case Study Of Six Selected Micro Finance Banks In Anambra State)

Effect Of Mergers And Acquisitions On Employee Morale

The Effect Of Bank Recapitalization On The Performance Of Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Nigeria

Impact Of Management By Objective On Organizational Performance (A Case Study Of United Bank For Africa Plc)

Training Manpower Development And Employee Performance In Akwa Ibom State

The Effect Of Entrepreneurial Education As A Tool For Reducing Unemployment In Nigeria (A Study Of Department Of Business Administration And Marketing Of Selected Private Universities In Ogun State)

The Effect Of Conflict Resolution On Organizational Productivity

Performance Management And Employee Productivity Of Bank Employees: A Study Of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc, Nigeria

Motivational Drives And Employee Performance: Evidence From Selected Universities In Ogun State

Influence Of E-Commerce On The Performance Of SMEs In Imo State

Impact Of Electronic Payment System On Customer Satisfaction Among Undergraduate Students

Employee Motivation And Employee Performance In The Manufacturing Industries In Nigeria

Effect Of Work Life Balance On Employee Retention

Effect Of Conflict Resolution Strategies On Employee Performance In Selected Commercial Banks In Lagos State, Nigeria

Organizational Rigidity On Output Performance A Study Of Cadbury Plc

The Impact Of Human Resource Planning On Organizational Performance In Access Bank

Conflict Management Strategies And Employee Performance In Selected Secondary Schools In Ondo State

Benefits And Challenges Of Store Management In Organization

Crises Management In An Organization

Auditor And Law’’concept And Implications

Audit As A Tool For Prevention And Control Of Fraud

Assessment Of Factors Responsible For Budget Failure In Nigeria

Appraisal Of The Accounting Framework In The Local Government System

Appraisal Of Expenditure Controls In Government

Analysis Of Effects Of Working Capital Management On Profitability Of Manufacturing Companies

An Examination Of The Procedures For The Appointment And Removal Of External Auditor By Public Limited Liability Companies

An Analysis Of Corruption In Nigerian Public Service

Accounting Planning And Control Key To Effective Management

Accounting Information, Concepts And Application For Planning And Decision Making

A Cash Management In A Supermarket Store

Design And Implementation Of A Computerized National Identity Card Processing System

Investment Decision: Analysis Of The Impact Of Qualified Audit Report. Evidence From Nigeria

Impact Of Corporate Strategy On Investment Decision In Nigeria

The Impact Of Dividend Policy Decision On Corporate Performance Of Listed Firms In Nigeria

The Impact Of Effective Public Sector Accounting On Public Funds Management In Nigeria

The Impact Of Risk Management In Financial Institutions

The Impact Of Risk Management Towards Effective Strategies For Financial Management

The Influence Of Accounting Standard On Financial Reporting In The Nigerian Banking Sector

The Influence Of Accounting System On Public Expenditure Control In Nigeria

The Relevance Of Audit Committee Functions On The Quality Of Financial Statement In Nigeria: Users Perception

The Influence Of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) On Financial Reporting Quality In Nigeria

The Influence Of Statutory Audit On SMES Growth And Survival In Nigeria

The Public Accountant In The Implementation Of Accountability, Probity And Transparency In The Federal Civil Service

The Relevance Of Accounting Ethics In Accounting Education

Design And Implementation Of Schools Social Network

The Impact Of Oil Sector On The Nigerian Economy

Traditional Media Of Communication As Tools For Effective Rural Development

The Role Of Guidance And Counselling Services In Secondary Schools

The Effect Of Examination Malpractice On Students Attitude To Learn

The Causes And Effect Of Indiscipline Among Student In Public Secondary School

Design And Implementation Of Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination: Registration And Result Processing

Design And Simulation Of A Personnel Computer Temperature Control System

Design And Implementation Of Online Cash Receipt Generating System For A Supermarket

Design And Implementation Of Database System For Patient Management System

Design And Implementation Of Computerized Front Management Information System

Design And Implementation Of Computerized Directory Of Business Premises

Design And Implementation Of An Online Local Area Network (Lan) Knowledge-Based System

Design And Implementation Of A Computerized News Editing System

Empirical Study On The Impact Of Computer Science In Multimedia

Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Documentation System Of Court Proceedings

Design And Implementation Of Staff Record Keeping System

Design And Implementation Of Expert System On Typhoid And Malaria Diagnosis

Expert System For Computer Security: Data Encryption, Decryption And Key Hash Algorithms

Design And Implementation Of Computerized Personnel Management

Design And Implementation Of An Expert System On Troubleshooting And Maintenance Of Inkjetprinter

Design And Implementation Of Online Electronic Database Driven Marketplace

Design And Implementation Of Course Registration And Examination Processing System

Design and Implementation Of Organizational Website

Design and Implementation of Network Connectivity And Traffic Control Of MTN Network In Nigeria.

Design And Implementation Of A Certificate Verification System

Anti-Hyperlipidemic Potential Of Vitex Donianaethanolextracts On Poloxamer 407 Induced Hyperlipidemic And Normal Rats

An Appraisal System for Academic Staffs

Design, Implementation And Simulation Of prepaid Meter, Theft Monitoring System With SMS Alert

Design And Implementation Of Fingerprint Based Attendance Management System For Tertiary Institutions

Design And Implementation Of A Student Grade Point Average System

Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Tourism booking System

Design And Implementation Of An On Line Multi Media Based Electronic Learning System For Post Primary Educational Institutes

Design And Implementation Of A Collaborative Software As A Service Based Office Management

An Assessment Of Information Resources And Service Provision Of Staff School Libraries In Niger State

A Clustering Based Web Prefetching In High Traffic Environment

A Mobile Social Networking Application For Academics And For Collaborative Learning

Evaluation Of Management Accounting And Its Application To Management, Planning, Control And Decision Making

The Impact Of Dividend Policy On The Stock Prices Of Quoted Firms In Nigeria

Budget And Budgetary Control As A Tool For Accountability In Government Parastatals.

An Assessment Of The Role Of Mass Media Immunization Campaign On Infant Mortality In Ogun State: A Study Of Residents Of Obafemi Owode Local Government Area, Abeokuta, Ogun State

Phytochemical And Anti-Inflammatory Properties Of Methanol Extract Of Crateva Adansonii Stem Bark

Preliminary Investigation On Effects Of Burantashi Extract On Lipoproteins Of Albino Male And Female Whistar Rats

The Anti-Inflammatory Activity Of Crateva Adansonii Dichloromethane Fraction.

The Effect Of Ethanol Extract Of Desmodium Velutinum Stem On Some Marker Emzyme In Liver Of Albino Wistar Rats

The Effect Of N-Hexane Extract Of Kola Nitida Bark On Liver Function Test Of Albino Wistar Rats Fed With High Fat From Cow‘S Brain

The Effect Of Pterocarpus Mildbreadii Seed On Plasma HDl Cholesterol Of Albino Rat

The Effect Of Water Extract Of Cola Nitida Pod On Lipoprotein Concentrations Of Albino Wistar Rats

The Effects Of Senna Tora Leaves Extract On The Blood Glucose Levels Of The Diabetic Albino Rats (A Focus On Diabetes Mellitus)

The Oxidative Stress Status Of Rats Fed On Oil Bean Seed Meal

The Use Of Bitter leaf (Vernonia Amygdalina) Extract As A Means Of Extending The Shelf-Life Of Locally Brewed Sorghum Beer

Influence Of Graduate Entrepreneurship Fund (Gef) On Youth Economic Inclusion

Entrepreneurial Development Initiative And Micro Enterprise Sustenance

Management Of Life Assurance Fund In Nigeria Insurance Industry

Small Scale Industries Development In Anambra State: Problems And Prospects.

Strategies Used By Nigerian Universities In The Management Of Inter-group Conflicts

Evaluation Of Supervisory Practices In Public Primary Schools

Conflict Management Strategies Of Principals As Perceived By Teachers In Secondary Schools

Comparative Study Of Managerial Effectiveness Of Principals Of Public And Private Secondary Schools

Evaluation Of Technical Services In Abia State Central Library Board, Umuahia.

Information Dissemination On Agriculture In Nigeria: A Case Of Study Anambra State Agricultural Development Programme (Adp) Awka

Information Needs And Resource Utilization By People Living With Hiv/Aids: A Case Study Of Esut Teaching Hospital Parklane Enugu

Information Retrieval Methods (A Case Study Of Onitsha Divisional Library)

Information Retrieval Systems In Academic Libraries (A Case Study Of Federal Polytechnic, Nekede Owerri)

Library User Education In Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria: A Case Study Of The Federal College Of Education (Technical) Umunze

School Libraries As An Effective Instrument For Achieving Academic Excellence A Case Study Of Schools In Owerri Town

Stock Acquisition In Alex Ekwueme Library Federal Polytechnic, Oko Anambra State.

The Classification And Knowledge Development By Technical Librarians In Academic Libraries In Anambra State.

The Problems And Prospect Of Reference Services In Academic Libraries In Anambra State. A Case Study Of Anambra State University, Uli.

Users Patronage In The Institute Of Management And Technology, Enugu Library

The Role Of Mass Media In A Democratic Governance

Design And Fabrication Of Mini Copula Furnace And An Atomizer For The Production Of Powdered Metal From Waste Aluminium Cans

Design And Construction Of A Metal Detector

The Impact Of Family Planning Campaign On Ibagwa Couples In Igbo Eze South Local Government Area Enugu State.

The Impact Of An Investigation Into The Problems And Prospects Of Running Separate Homes By Married Couples (A Study Of Orumba South LGA Of Anambra State)

The Challenges Of Entrepreneurship In Home And Rural Economics Education

Running Separate Home By Married Couple: Problems And Strategies For Improvement (A Case Study Of Federal College Of Education Technical, Umunze

An Appraisal Of Illiterate Mothers Perception On Birth Control (A Case Study Of Onitsha North L.G.A)

A Project Research Into Serum Calcium Level In Geriatric Men, Comparative Studies

The Secretary And The Effective Of New Office Technologies On Record Keeping Management In Institution Of Management And Technology.

The Role Of Data Preservation In Enhancing The Efficiency Of Secretarial Function In The Banking Sector

The Dearth Of Technological Equipment And Effect On Secretarial Job Performance On Ministries In Anambra State

Problems And Prospects Of Small And Medium Enterprises In Nigeria.

Office Equipments And Their Contributions To The Success Of A Business Organization

Modern Office Equipments And Their Contributions To The Success Of A Business Organization

The Effect Of Television Viewing On The Moral Behavior Of Nigerian Children.

Effect Of Industrial Training Scheme On The Training Of Office Managers In Selected Tertiary Institutions In South East Zone Of Nigeria

Causes Of Conflict Between Secretaries And Bosses In Anambra State Owned Establishment (Ahocol Company Awka)

An Investigation Into The Strategies For Improving Management/Staff Relationship In Tertiary Institutions

An Appraisal Of The Roles And Position Of Confidential Secretaries In The Civil Service Of Anambra State Problems And Strategies For Improvement

A Survey Of The Problems Of Computerization Of Office Functions In Selected Business Establishment In Aguate L.G.A

A Survey Of Physical Working Conditions And Their Effects On Productivity Of The Secretaries In Some Business Establishments

Phytochemical And Antimicrobial Studies Of The Methanol Extract Of The Root Of Napoleonaea Heudelotti (A.Juss)

Phytochemical And Antimicrobial Screening of The Stem Bark Extract(S) Ofindigofera Arrectahochst Ex A. Rich(Fabaceae)

Optimization Of Biodiesel Production From Yellow Oleander And Castor Oils And Studies Of Their Fuel Properties

Studies On The Impact Resistance Of Cashew Nutshell Powder And Calcium Carbonate Filled Polypropylene

Isolation And Characterization Of Bioactive Compounds From Stembark Extract Of Uapaca Pilosa Hutch

Evaluation Of Some Heavy Metals Concentrations In Chocolate, Candies And Tomato Puree Imported From China

Evaluation Of Some Chemical Constituents Of Selected Energy Drinks

Assessment Of Eutrophication Level Of Municipal Surface Water, Abuja Nigeria

The Uses Of Committees And Group Meetings In Enhancing Decision Making In Nigeria Public Service

The Role Of Non-Governmental Organizations In The Development Of Rural Areas

The Role Of Non-Governmental Agencies In Poverty Alleviation And The Development Of Community

The Role Of Micro-Finance Bank In The Development Of Rural Areas

The Role Of Educated Nigeria Women In The Social And Economic Development Of Our Country (A Case Study Of Nigeria)

The Role Of Association In Community Development

The Relevance Of Population Census To Economic Development Of Rural Areas In Nigeria.

The Problem Of Retirement In Enugu State Civil Service (A Case Study Of Enugu State Universal Basic Education Board)

The Incident Of Poverty On Educational Development Of The Citizens

The Impact Of Effective Management Of Resources In Solving Unemployment Problem In Nigeria

The Impact Of Budget Implementation In An Organization

The Impact And Effectiveness Of Judicial Proceeding And Democratic Government In Nigeria

The Effects Of Privatization And Commercialization Policy On National Economic Development

The Effects Of Poor Records Management In An Office Organization

The Effects Of Organizational Structure In The Management Of Organization

The Effects Of Foreign Aids On National Development (A Study Of Foreign Health Aids To Nigeria 1999-2003)

The Effect Of Poverty On Educational Development Of The Citizens

The Effect Of Government Policy On Privatization And Commercialization On Nigeria Economy

Sustainable Democracy: A Dependent Variable To National Development (A Case Study Of Anambra State From 2007 – 2009) Mr. Peter Obi’s Administration.

Effect Of Corporate Governance On The Performance Of Banks

Role Of Planning And Control To Management Efficiency And Productivity

Public Policy Implementation In Nigeria And Economic Development (A Study Of The National Policy On Population 1999-2007)

Political Leadership And Underdevelopment In Nigeria. (A Study Of Babangida’s Administration)

Management Training And Development Techniques In Nigeria

Management Of Employee Grievances In Nigerian Public Corporation

Critical Assessment Of National Youths Service Corps Towards Enhancing National Integration

Corruption And Insecurity In Nigeria: A Fight Against It (A Study Of Economic And Financial Crime Commission)

An Investigation Into The Problems Of Leadership In Tertiary Institutions

The Impact Of Television Advertising On Consumer Brand Preference For Soft Drink In A Competitive Market.

The Impact Of Advertising On The Marketing Of Banking Services.

Small-Scale Industries Development In Anambra State: Problems And Prospects. (A Case Study Of Awka And Nnewi Industrial Areas)

Influence Of Skill Acquisition On Employment Generation

Effect Of Workplace Environment On Employees’ Performance

Effect Of Organizational Structure On Organizational Performance Of Manufacturing Firm

Product Development In The Cable Industry: Problems And Prospect.

Customer Services In Financial Institutions, A Step Towards Improving Profitability

Corporate Advertising As An Effecting Promotional Tool In The Marketing Of Banking Services

Effect Of Government Policy On Entrepreneurship Development

An Assessment Of The Physical Distribution Of Soft Drink (A Case Study Of Nigerian Bottling Company)

Advertisers Preferences Of Media Channel Problems, Choice, And Reasons (A Comparative Study Of Daily Sun Newspaper And News-watch Magazine)

The Role Of Financial Institutions In Agricultural Development (1990-2015) A Case Study Of Nigeria

The Impact Of Taxation On Small And Medium Scale Business In Nigeria

The Impact Of Bank Loans On Small And Medium Scale Enterprises In Nigeria

Influence Of Product Packaging On Consumer Buying Preference

Financial Problems And Survival Strategies Of Small Scale Enterprises

An Appraisal Of Performance Of Small Scale Enterprises In Community Development

Types Of Terrorism And Their Linguistic Techniques and Strategies

Pidgins And Creoles: Attitudes

The Role Of Accountant In The Economic Development Of Organization

The Impact Of Financial Accounting Report On The Corporate Performance

Causes And Effects Of Tax Evasion And Avoidance On The Economy

The Attitude Of Female Mass Communication Students Towards Journalism As A Career

Police Public Relations As Mechanism For Improving Police Community

Influence Of Television Advertising On Consumer Choice Of Beverages

The Impact Of Television Advertisement Of ‘Always’ On Consumers Choice Of Sanitary Towel

The Impact Of Anti-Hiv/Aids Programmes Of Abs Television On The Sexual Habits Of Youths

Problems Of Effective Service Delivery In Government Owned Establishment

Press Freedom And Fundamental Human Right In Nigeria (A Case Study Of The Olusegun Obasanjo Administration)

Manpower Development And Productivity In Tertiary Institutions In Nigeria

Global Financial Meltdown And Its Effects On Nigeria Banking Sector

Democracy And Islamic Sect/Boko Haram In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Goodluck Jonathan Regime)

An Evaluation Of Ethnicity And Issue Of Political Development In Nigeria

Age Grade Association As An Agent Of Rural Development.

The Role Of Marketing In The Development Of Tourism Industry In Nigeria

The Impact Of Promotional Activities On The Marketing Of Golden Morn Product In Enugu State (A Case Study Of Nestle Niger Plc)

The Impact Of Marketing Communication On Sale Of Consumer Goods

The Impact Of Banks Credit In The Nigeria Economy

Investment On Human Capital And Its Impact On Nigerian Economic Growth

An Analysis Of Packaging As A Promo Tool In The Marketing Of Product.

Determining The Effect Of Advertising Strategy Adapted In The Sales Of Consumer Goods

Training And Development Of Human Resource In Banking Operation

The Study Of Motivation On Employee Performance.

The Role Of Human Capital Management In The Achievement Of Organizational Goal

The Need For Effective Management Of Organizational Policies And Procedures

The Importance Of Organizational Structure In Effective Management

The Impact Of Effective Human Capital Management Practice On Organizational Growth.

The Impact Of Delegation On Management Decision Making In First Bank Plc.

The Effective Communication, A Tool For The Achievement Of Administration Goals In An Organization

Design And Implementation Of Cybercafe Security (A Case Study Of Access Point Communication Limited Umuahia)

The Effect Of Employee Participation In Management Decision Making

Role Of Cooperative Societies In Women Empowerment And Rural Development

Research Report The Contribution Of Micro Finance Banks In The Empowerment Of Small-Scale Business

Personnel Appraisal In A Routinized Management System In University

Performance Evaluation and Its Effects On Employees Efficiency In Nigeria Mineral Water LIMCA

Motivation As A Means Of Increasing Workers Productivity

Experimental Investigation Of Sp Flooding In Central Onshore Of The Niger Delta – A Case Study Of Reservoir-X

Management of Production Problems In Manufacturing Companies

Corporate Strategy As An Effective Tool For Organization Survival

Comparative Study Of Financial And Non Financial Motivation Of Employees In An Organization

Efficient Internal Controls System And Human Resources Management

Usefulness Of Ratio Analysis

Identify The Role Of Cost Accounting In A Business

Independence And Performance Of Internal Audit In Public Sector Organizations

Comparative Study Of Antibacterial Activity Of Two Selected Medicated Soap And One Local Black Soap On Staphylococcus Aureus From Wound Infection

Impact of Working Capital Management Policy on Profitability

An Appraisal Of An Effective Tax System (Assessment And Collection) In A Growing Economy

The Importance of Variance Analysis in A Manufacturing Company

Design and Implementation Of A Web Based Hall Allocation System For Examination (A Case Study of Nau, Faculty of Physical Sciences)

Design and Implementation of A Web-Based Social Networking Site For Staff And Students

The Extent of Availability of Computer System and Their Accessories For Effective Teaching And Learning Of Computer Science In Senior Secondary (Case Study Of Enugu North Lga)

Design and Implementation of Computerized Library Management System (A Case Study Of Anambra State College Of Agriculture Library)

Design and Implementation of A Digital Library System

Design and Implementation of A Computerized Hotel Business Billing System. (A Case Study of Modotel Hotel Limited Enugu)

Assessment of Programming Skills Possessed By A Computer Science Education Student for Self Employment in Anambra State

Effect of Monetary Policy on Financial System

Appraisal of Budgetary System In The Public Sector

Payroll Management System: An Effective Means Of Mitigating Against Fraud In An Organization

Appraise The Effectiveness Of Financial Ratios as a Tool For Measuring Financial Performance

The Effects Of Internal Control System In An Organization

Value Added Tax as Medium Of Generating Funds

The Importance Of Attaining Organization Performance Objective Constitute A Fundamental Phenomena For The Management Of Modern

The Contribution of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (Msmes) To Economic Growth and Sustainable Development

Accounting Procedure Adopted In Government Ministries and Parastatal

Marketing Research on New Project

The Effect Of Financial Reporting On The Management Of A Business

Importance of Book Keeping And Other Financial Statements In An Organization

Budgeting and Budgetary Control In A Business Organization

Safety and Damage Associated With Water

Taxation as A Source Of Government Revenue

Intestinal Schistosomiasis and Its Possible Prevention and Control.

Investigate the Effect of Micro Finance Banks

Effective Use of Internal Control System (A Case Study Of Coca-Cola Company)

Effect of Micro Finance Bank in Rural Area

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