What wrong between Modern Calculator and Smart Phone Calculator

What wrong between Modern Calculator and Smart Phone Calculator

Mathematics, from Greek meaning 'knowledge, study, learning, includes the study of such topics as quantity (number theory), structure (algebra), space (geometry), and change (analysis). It has no generally accepted definition. Mathematicians seek and use patterns to formulate new conjectures; they resolve the truth or falsity of such by mathematical proof. When mathematical structures are good models of real phenomena, mathematical reasoning can be used to provide insight or predictions about nature. Through the use of abstraction and logic, mathematics developed from counting, calculation, measurement, and the systematic study of the shapes and motions of physical objects. 

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In a simple calculation i try to used calculator so that i should have correct answer, 

Simply find the question below


Please help after i make the use of modern calculator i find my answer to be 1.

So immediately i try thesame question with my smart phone calculator i realized the answers is 9.

You guys should help and calculate this for me manually to see why the two answers are distinct and which among is correct.

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