Sell Your Pure Water Nylon To These Companies For Huge Money

Sell Your Pure Water Nylon To These Companies To earn Huge money

Most of the listed below industries pays as much as around N35 - N200 for 1kilogram pure water nylons depending on the period. And for 1 tonne of the pure water nylons, they pays between N20,000 to N30,000. These industries eventually process these pure water nylons into some other products such as plastics, shoes, bags, dunlop slippers, pens, balls, etc. You can see some of the finished products below

1. Dunak Nigeria Limited. Their address is at 2A Awoye Close, Ashi Ibadan North, in Oyo State.

2. Hardis Nylon Recycling Company. Feel free to send a message at indicating that you simply want to supply them satchet water nylons, and I'm sure they'll attend to you.

3. INFIGO Systems Global Limited. Their address is 2/4 Mission Street.

4. First Eco Cleaners Nigeria Limited. Their address is Block G34 Eleganza, Shopping Mall, Lekki Expressway, Lekki, in Lagos.

The list contains differents industries so you can consider choosing the one with the highest pay cause the amount they pay varies.

For those that are interested in this business, kindly comment "I am interested" in the comment section below so I can mentor you through and discuss better.

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