For N-power Applicants: How To Start Building Your Own House If Your Monthly Salary ls 25,000

For N-power Applicants: How To Start Building Your Own House If Your Monthly Salary ls 25,000 

veryone loves to have their own house someday, nobody wants to continue to live in a rented apartment all their life. Anyways, don't worry about your salary because building your own house can make you feel fulfilled and accomplished.

Many people will be wondering how they can start building a house when their monthly income is just 25,000.

Before we begin the process, check out these simple steps that will make it possible for you to have your own house.

1. Be Determined:

Whatever we do on earth, we need the determination to scale through. If you are determined, then you will be able to work hard towards achieving your goal. You need determination if you wish to build your house.

2. Open an account for building:

The next thing to do is for you to open a savings account for the building of the house. Save every month, it would be much faster if you have land.

3. Saving Analysis:

To start building the house, your savings matters a lot then calculate your earnings for 3years, takeout 40% of the salary, get building personnel and ask him questions about how you can start building the house with the 40%.

Imagine that you start building the house with just 25,000.

25,000 multiplied by 3years would give you 900,000. 40% of the money is 360,000. The 360,000 divided by 36 would give you 10,000 monthly.

If you are determined, you can do it, just imagine if your salary is more than 25,000 that means you will build your house within a very short time, the estimated cost of building a 2bedroom flat is 1.9m Naira.

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