Avoid Doing These 6 Bad Habit When You are In The Toilet

Avoid Doing These 6 Bad Habit When You are In The Toilet

It's wonderful, Good day to my fellows Muslim umma(friends) today article is necessitated with the rekindle desire to elaborate Some of the 6 bad habit most people are intentionally doing inside the toilet some may even see it as normal thing, so tobe Frank it's advisable to any Muslim he should avoid doing the listed below things in the toilet as we all now dua is obligatory to performed before stepping in to the toilet.

Below Are The 6 Bad Habit You Should Avoid When You are In The Toilet

i. Entering the toilet with the right leg is a bad habit you should stop doing as a Muslim. You should always be conscious of the steps you take in the toilet. The left leg is to be taken first into the toilet and not the right leg.

ii. Talking inside the toilet is a bad habit. This act is prohibited and it's one that is shunned by the Prophet. It is bad, so if you are part of those that engage in this act, then you need the stop it

iii. Believing that water is the only thing to use to clean up after urinating. This is not true, as other natural materials like stone, leaf can be used in place of water. This is according to the teaching of the Prophet, who made it known that it's permissible to clean up with odd numbers of stones (3 or more).

iv. Taking anything that has Allah's name written on it is not to be taken into the toilet. Many of us forget to take note of this, but it's very wrong and a bad habit to be seen done by a Muslim. The Qur'an, cloth, book or anything that has Allah's name written on it should not be taken into the toilet, take note.

v. Spending excess time in the toilet is another habit a Muslim has to stop. Some even give as far as receiving phone calls loudly while inside the toilet. It's a bad habit you have to stop.

vi. Stepping out of the toilet with the left leg is also note part of the teaching of a good Muslim. The right leg is to be taken out first while stepping out of the toilet.

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