Things Leaded The Northern Nigeria(Arewa) Behind

Things Leaded The Northern Nigeria(Arewa) Behind

Things Leaded The Northern Nigeria(Arewa) Behind

Journey have been reached far away since the beginning of the flowing caravan merchants from Arabs peninsula through Maghreb,  western Sahara to to hausa land  for businesses,

And the Arabs merchants  used these opportunities to preach and spreads the Islamic faith and their philosophical thought in the hausa/kanuri land, indeed they practices slaves trade from hausa/kanuri land to various Arabs kingdom, 

Though this slaves trade wasn't dominated the whole north but restricted to only hausa/kanuri's entity, 

And all these were happened around 14-centuary, and  also shows that there was convention between hausa/kanuri traditions and Arabs  civilization in some norms and values instantly, 

And these leads Hausa/kanuri to developed highly stigmatization to western elite, or any policies that came from the western (Europe),

The north were continuesly being in this era for  almost a century. 

   Suddenly, British colonies were fallen to the north,  and  they observed that the north were not like south, they have a certain regarded civilization both traditions and Arabs civilization of sharia system, 

They have distinguished and recognizable leaders that set-up and governed by sharia system in most of the hausa/kanuri land, 

This lead the colonial masters to implement indirect-rule which contrary to the south that  using direct-rule,

That's how the philosophical and brief biography of the north before and during colonialism, 

In these aboved there are two things that we need to consider marged of Arabs civilization and traditionals which is the one that yield the second thing that is serious stigmatization to the any that came from the western system either useful or harmed,  wright or  wrong. 

That's why still today's northerners inherited that  stigmatization in some partway and they accepted in some,

And some of the northerners especially the heart beat of the community (youths) Are lazy, they always kept awaiting the opportunity,  not stand and work hard for searching and finding out through careers,

That's why anytime federal government,  or International organisations set-up a program that initiate opportunities and careers or releaf provisions to unemployed citizens,  it may found poor participations from northerners, 

Thesame thing happened  in the civil service that deal with the vaccacies  provided by quarter system. In these north may not filled their quarters, eather due to recklessness of educational requirements,  or greediness and selfishness of their representative to tarnished or divert the opportunities to his pockets or his beloved  ones weather he deserves or otherwise,

And there are somany things leaded the northern Nigeria  behind, but these aboved are the main among the many.

Opposition in politics is very essential in democracy

Opposition in politics is very essential in democracy. In fact, democracy can only thrive and become resilient when the opposition is very strong. To say the facts, those who criticize the people in government are even more important than those who support the same people provided both are done for a genuine, valid reasons. 

We must critice. But the criticsm must be constructive not destructive; it should be purposeful, real and genuine. Our critism should be inspired by patrotism and unselfishly devoted to the service of our own Country.

But the problem with our people today is nothing but insencerity in either supporting or opposing the stalwarts, the politicians, as well as the people in government. We tend to all of a sudden become charlatants and even shameless sycophants to our bosses while criticizing the bosses of others at the same time. We expose the negative sides and faults of the bosses of others while hiding the same negative sides and faults of our own bosses. We are utterly insincere. We lack credibility. We are not patriotic.

As long as we will continue on this corrupted, flawed path we will never see the change we really want. Unless we love Nigeria and place the interests of our dear Country above our own personal interests, we will continue suffering and gasping in the wave of corruption!

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