Arewa Stunning Fashion Designs For Wedding And Chic Events

Arewa Stunning Fashion Designs For Wedding And Chic Events

Arewa Stunning Fashion Designs For Wedding And Chic Events

Fashion and beauty often times go hand in hand in other hand in order to make one stand out in a crown, though they can work out separately and still make sense. Beauty can be explained as features or attributes that lead to attraction, harmony,physically (which is most times) and spiritual. Beauty is mostly visual sense,or inner beauty.

Fashion in one word is ones signature look your own distinction style.fashion and beauty is made up of make-Up, hairstyling healthy body,fitness designs and craftsmanship.

Caps and head gears

Caps which were worn by the elderly and respected before, have now become a fashion trend in arewa for the young boys and men alike, ranging from the zannah bukar caps, balbo, mu hadu banki to the different caps for different accessions and at leveled prices, nowadays one's cap can make you know who they are.

Head gears with different mode of tying have proven to be a power mark for Ladies who know how ro knot there well. Fron the gales(gwaggwaro) for wedding and Chic events,to the casual steps styles, zahra buhari, and the famous Tureni kaga tsiya which was and still a spell style for the men whi behave it.knowing different head styles itself is eunuch to make you confident about your self.

Arewa fashion no doubt is a vast beauty and fashion energy but over the years include dresses Ankara lace, ankara atanfa, abaya(Trending) make-up henna henna decorations and like.

I just discovered that my online girlfriend is a man

      It was a friday night, i sat on the couch feeling the pleasant breeze of the morning blowing peacefully, with a cup of coffee in my hands, scrolling through my phone, thinking about how the past few days have been. How hard it has been to accept it, all the stuff that happened kept coming back into my head bit by bit,since from the day we met, how it all began and how so far we have come. I feel so shattered to the extent i don't want to believe it. I could not believe the one person i craved to spend the rest of my life with betrayed me immensely. 

   We met on One of my social media platforms, we were so entangled with each other and  after a while i became very fond of the one person i thought was my soul mate, even though we never met in person we were sure of our feeling and were preparing to make it happen.

   We kept making preparations on how our life would become after marriage, how many kids we will have, pets we would raise and the home we would build together, only to find out recently that i have been kept in the dark for so long. The one person i loved with all my heart turned out to be a man just like me, he has been deceiving and making a fool of me.

Please advice me what should i do for him, should i report him to the Community Police or I should brutalize him with my hand, your advice urgently needed in the next 24 hours time.

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