Kauyawa Day In Arewa Traditional Marriage

Kauyawa Day In Arewa Traditional Marriage

Kauyawa day in arewa traditional marriage.

Arewa Traditional Marriage

Marriage is a highly respected union in arewa  and world at large .it is said that people from the north have the most wedding and marriages in the entire Nigeria and even part of Africa .most people criticize arewa for  high number of marriages and early marriage while only few understand that marriage is a beautiful thing and used to  guard against many abominations that will likely happen without the marriage.

A union between two people becoming husband and wife .in arewa a man can have one to four wives which is according to the teaching of Islam and the sunnah of our nabiy(Muhammad saw)..

Before it was just a simple walima and the nikah .but over the years marriage and weddings in arewa have taken a new dimension in the preparation for the said marriage.  Like the wankin amarya which started as sprinkling water in the morning on the bride to the one where people dance , sing and have fun in thr evenings. Like the dinner done in the night .and kamu which inter relates with the wankin amarya also done in the evening ..where people come wearing there best attires and ankos for the ceremony.

Lately a new event came up , which is the kyauyawa day , from the word kyauyawa its traditional, cultural event done to represent life and attires of the villagers or your culture, during this event , the bride is dressed up looking all gorgeous but making sure that she's in her traditional attire , like for the Hausa , dressing the bride up in not just atamfa but the olden day style of wearing atamfa, that is , a shirt which looks like a boubou, a wrapper , a scarf, and another wrapper draped on top of her head together with some traditional beads and glamour.

As for the brides maids and friends, or family .they come dressed in a shirt , a different skirt or wrapper from the shirt, a different scarf , tied in a olden way and there make up also just like the villagers own .I.e a very shouty lipstick, eye liner, eye brow , a dot on fge forehead and some lines on the cheek.

Traditional Food to eat when Attended Arewa Traditional Event

On this day people enjoy and have fun to the fullest just like many other events .And eat food of traditions and drinks like zobo , kunun aya , Dan tamalele and rest.  Traditional music is also played and drums where cultural plays go on till the end of the event .

The kyauyawa day in arewa traditional marriage if done appropriately should be one of the events that should never be cancelled in arewa history because of it's historical significance  and value .

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