5 Most Common Games and Applications you can run on your phone and earn cash every day

5 Most Common Games and Applications you can run on your phone and earn cash every day

5 most Common Games and Applications you can run on your phone and earn cash every day

Many northerners(Arewas) installed different Games and Applications in their phone just for relax, without knowing that these Common Games and Applications can be used to earn money alternatively. In This article we Compiled 5 most Common Games and Applications you can run on your phone and earn cash every day without strain and stress. 

(1) Facebook 

Did you Know that face book can alsouse for making Money Part from Chatting. Facebook the largest social media network face of the earth with more than 2 billion active, Facebook is a nice application to earn money. It is divisible to turn your Facebook in to a room of making moneyThen, just using your mobile data for chatting, making Video and audio calls, watching videos or Cooling boredom. Things you need to do The first thing you should do is to be making your Facebook Profile so Impression. That is try to make your profile look catchy and attractive by using a good profile photo, so that one can easily send a friend request. In your bio data box, give a comprehensive description of yourself, family status and your location, contact website if available , and like. As someone who is ready for business, your Facebook profile , and Facebook status should be easily identified you as abusinessman this really attract the right customers. After you made the arrangement of your Facebook profile, the next things to do is to find out which type of business you want to start, I think best among them are selling stuffs, Hausa and English Novels, Student Projects, Tutorials or Conducting online class. 

(2) Xender Application

Unknowingly, every one believed that Xender Application is only used for sending games, Application, playing music, watching videos, Converting videos to mp3, connection between PC, Downloading WhatsApp Status, Downloading Facebook status and like to be frank xender Application can also be used as reverse of the listed. Nowadays, Many people are using Xender application to make cool money. Xender Application is a file transfers application used by the million of people around the globe 

How to Earn cash Using Xender application 

The first thing you do is to buy an MTN simcard Migrate to impulse make a night subscription at the rate of N25 per 250M download different New Musics and Videos especially if you are from Northern part of Nigeria download( Kwana casa'in, Gidan Badamasi, Labarina, Dadin kowa Son of Caliphate, India Hausa etc) Start transferring the musics and videos to your friends, neighbous and your family at cheapest amount and earn money. You can earn around N500 a day.

(3) OperaNewsHub 

OperaNewsHub is a new Application that one can earn huge money depending on the work. OperaNewsHub deals with forming of an article i.e creating content and is a pay per click application. 

How OperaNewsHub pay ?

OperaNewsHub pay through Opay account during the registration you will be ask to put you opay account number, your phone number mostly is your opay account number without the first zero 

How to start OperaNewsHub 

Go to google and Search for OperaNewsHub sing up and start writing article 

How much OperaNewsHub pay per click?OperaNewsHub pay N0.036 per click 10,000click is equivalent toApplication

(4) Opay Mobile Application

As Technology increasing  the country is increasing, Graduates and Msc holders are seen roaming around the street searching for a job, failing to realize that they can use their mobile Phone to run their business and start in making cool Money from it. 
Opay is among the Applications you should install in your mobile phone to can cash Opay is a Mobile Free application used for transaction, recharging, subscription, Cable TV, shopping , and much more. 
Opay Mobile Application becoming one the most popular and paying application in 2018-2021 which generated more than 100,000 Traffic per day, Nigerians have start using Opay Application as a  source of income.earning money in Mobile Opay Application is one of the easiest way below are the main three things to observe and get daily income from opay:- 

i. Rewards Opay has a section called rewards 

that give OCoins every day, each Coin is equivalent to one Naira, so every user is capable to deem a daily coin, the proportion of coins increase when deeming two and above days consecutively.

ii. Subscription of Cables. 

iii. Funding of Betting Account 

iv. Paying of Electricity bill 

v. Referral Bonus 

In opay if you referred one person you and him will deem 1000 but now they reduce the deferral bonus to N50. 

vi. Opay Agent 

Becoming Opay agent is best among all the listed above.

(5) WhatsApp Mobile Application

WhatsApp Mobile Application is mainly used for Chatting and viewing status, at the same time WhatsApp is a source of income. Many people waste their data, time chatting all over the night without knowing that they can turn the devils over. Here I will show you simple steps to start WhatsApp business and earn cash daily.

Step 1 goto Play store and download the WhatsApp business 

Step 2 Download different e-bookHausa novels, English novels, Yoruba novels, Igbo novels , etc) you can get all the types at www.haskenews.com.ng 

Step 3 Create a WhatsApp Group 

Step 4 Put weekly or monthly price for members of the group to enjoy daily new books update.

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