Remove WhatsApp Copy and Paste In One Minutes

Remove WhatsApp Copy and Paste In One Minutes

Remove WhatsApp Copy and Paste In One Minutes

WhatsApp is Among the Common application of Mobile phones. The Application is developed in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Brian Acton and Jan Koum are former Yahoo employees. 

Nowadays WhatsApp became the market leading in mobile messaging Applications. Because of its simplicity, automatability, versatility and reliability since from beginnings of the application.WhatsApp Mobile Application is used all over the world but most of its potential users are youths. 

WhatsApp Mobile Application was developed with different features such as voice call, video call, group video call and group voice call. Moreover, in early 2018 WhatsApp Mobile Application launched new WhatsApp called WhatsApp Business. 

WhatsApp Potential Users Statistics

Statistics reveals that WhatsApp and Facebook are the most popular messaging application in the world with 1.5 billion users in 180 different countries. It's reported that WhatsApp has 1 billion daily active users across the world India is recorded as the biggest WhatsApp market place in the world with over 200 million potential users. WhatsApp Business recorded with 3 million potential users, 450 million potential users of WhatsApp Status. 

Simple Steps To Disable WhatsApp Copy and Paste 

It's very sad and merely nauseating to see your article manipulated by someone without contacting you for the copyright permission. The only way this disgusting can stop is to disable or ban your content for illegal copy and paste. A lot of WhatsApp users are asking on how to disable or ban copy and paste on WhatsApp mobile application. In this article, we provide the simple steps to Disable WhatsApp Copy and Paste. Below are the steps:-

  • Steps 1 locate where to send the text either group or individual 

  • Step 2 select attached button to inserts picture

  • Step 3 write your text messages where you see "add a caption"

  •  Step 4 send the text


Finally you will see your text message is disabled from copy and paste

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