Before saying anything we most touch the historical, philosophical civilization and concepts of politics and leadership patterns in northern Nigeria before and after danfodiyo's Islamic reformed, up-to the inversion of colonial masters into the northern Nigeria, Northern Nigeria is the oldest entity with differences civilization in the tropical Sahara region in West Africa, Which were fully acquired with so many ethnics, tribes, faith and beliefs, and all these were belongs to difference kingdoms, empires , and inclinations, And each of either empire, kingdom or any, in the region have their respective norms and values that promote their culture and traditions. And they have institutions politically and socially that uphold, promote and honored their ways of life and living from the higher class to middle, down to servants. 

Northern Nigeria has a greats and large empires, and kingdoms which have different regulating system of governing, like Zaria, borno, kano, kwararrafa, gobir, kebbi and so on, And some part of the above kingdoms were extended to the part of niger republic, Cameron and chard republic, And all these kingdoms were more diverse before Islamic reformed by danfodiyo, which he lets the above kingdoms and empires to answering one board which is named as sokoto caliphate, later called sokoto empire. 

That's the beginnings of emirates system in northern Nigeria. And declare-up the 5 most powerful emirs in northern Nigeria by considering the following factors, number of districts , and it's population sizes that belonged to the emir, economics sizes, recognition and respects, entertaining of their culture and maintaining.

These are the 5 most powerful emirs in northern Nigeria(Arewa)

  • Sultan of Sokoto - Muhammadu Sa'ad Abubakar

  • Emir of Kano - Amin Ado Bayaro

  • Shehu of Borno - Abubakar Ibn Umar Garbai El-Kanemi of Borno

  • Emir of Zazzau - Shehu Idris

  • Etsu Nupe -  Alhaji Yahaya Abubakar


After we considered all these, we find out that the emirs of Kano, Zaria, Shehu of Borno, etsu Nupe, and Sultan of Sokoto, these are the 5 most powerful emirs in northern Nigeria, which were the emirs with the minimum percentage of the mentioned factors.

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