5 Business Alternatives Of White Collar Job In Nigeria

5 Business Alternatives Of White Collar Job In Nigeria

Nigeria is the most population country in Africa at the same time Number 7 most population country in the world with over 350 different tribes. Unfortunately, poverty in the country is the most prevalent due to reasons Such as, Insurgency, Tribalism, Social instability, Economic Instability as well as ethnicity. 

We love our country, Nigeria is the only country which gives right to its citizen to practice his/her own Religion. The Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative ( OPHI) revealed that out of over 200millions people in the country, 26.6 percent of people are destitute, while 68.0 percent and 84.5 percent of the Nigerian population are living below N437.5 per day and N700 per day respectively. National Bureau of Statistics reveals that Sokoto, Katsina, Adamawa, Gombe, Jigawa, Plateau and Ebonyi are the poorest States in the country with about 70 percent poverty rate.

Getting a white collar job in Nigeria has become a solid war in fact there is no more white collar job in the country due to large number of graduates producing every blessing year. Statistics gives rough estimate of more than thirty-seven thousands (37,000) graduates are passing out from various Permanent Orientation Camps across the country in total as secondary source of data. With these Regard we decide to write an article of business Alternatives of White collar jobs in Nigeria.

In this  article, we were privilege to compile 5 different business alternatives of white collar jobs that National Diploma (ND) holder, National College of Education (NCE) Holder, Higher National Diploma (HND) holder, Bachelor's Holder or Msc Holder will engage and sustain his/her life in the country. Every business idea we listed we took a while to cross-check the marketability, risk, Profits , and how do the business will growth in the country.

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Agricultural Business

The history of Nigeria is incomplete without farming or Agriculture in general. Rearing animals and cultivation of crops is Called Agriculture by definition. This business idea is better than any white collar job in the country , and the world in general. Many universities graduate, NCE, ND, and Higher National Diploma graduates are staying behind in farming practice unknowingly thinking that farming is an oldest business idea. Unfortunately when they are getting old, they will realize that farming is the backbone or touchstone of the Nation. An agricultural Business is of two types " Rearing of animals and Cultivation of crops " you can decide among the two. Frankly speaking both the two business idea are suitable in the country.

Digital business

The world in this century is well digitalized. Digital business or job is one of the alternatives of white Collar jobs in the Country , and the universe in general. A lot of universities graduates, NCE, ND, and Higher National Diploma graduates have decided to take their destiny into their hands by running one or two digital business in the country. These business ideas include blogging, cartoon animation, text animation, content creation, software engineering, hardware engineering, web development, freelancing, affiliation marketing, novels marketing, writing , and selling novels, online guidance and counselling, online Tutorial, etc.

Films Production

Nowadays films production has become and easiest way of earning money in the country. a lot of Nigerian youths engaged in such type of business. This business idea is a self independent idea that one can run too manage and sustain his life at the samee time increase his/her Popularity in the country. As entrepreneur concern you can own a business venture in film production industry , and Link the business idea with other industry like Music, Comedy, Tutorial, Movies and entertainment. The first thing you need to do is developingg your skills in either music production, Movie production, Managing and directing films, location, editing, film actorr or Film actress depending on the talent and desire of your heart.

The remaining Business Alternatives Of White Collar Job in Nigeria are:-
Rental services and Selling Computer Accessories.

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