100% Effective Natural Family Planning, No Side Effect, No Hospital

100% Effective Natural Family Planning, No Side Effect, No Hospital

This is an amazing and wondered how our mothers were able to space their children since when nor family planning medicine neither injectio to be  Honest this is a questionable?

Frankly, they make used of natural methods, which seem to had disappeared with the advantage of modern medicine.in fact this natural methods are now becoming popular since the time women realise that some of the modern mechanism have both side effects and danger to woman likewise the new born baby. Below are the side effects of the modern family planning  bleeding

i. weight gain, 

ii. infertility, 

iii. depression, 

iv. heart attack, 

v. cancer.

Here in this article i will teach you the most effective natural Family Planning, that i take noted from our mother's to be Frank this method work very well expect if you did not make it rights or missteps. Moreover this family planning mechanism has no side effect.

Here are the Ingredients

i. Uziza (black pepper)

ii. Uda (negro pepper)

iii. Dry gin

Method of Preparation.

Take uziza and Uda pound  squeeze them and put inside a container or junk, pour dry gin inside and shake  the junk or container very well.

Take before or after having fun with your husband most especially when you're in unsafe period.

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