Tilldawn N-Power Protest is ongoing in Abuja

Tilldawn N-Power Protest is ongoing in Abuja

All 500,000 Npower Beneficiaries keep protesting regarding the disengagement that was declared by the minister of Humanitarian affairs last month.

All the Npower beneficiaries are nevertheless to urge their June regular payment and over eighty,000 are yet to receive their March, April, might and June Stipends. regarding the payment, Let exercise a lot of patient, as a result of all Npower Beneficiaries are paid very soon before the end of July as it was said by Npower on twitter.

This week, mega protest was conducted by all Npower Beneficiaries at Abuja, National Assembly of Nigeria (NASS) regarding the duration for all Npower Beneficiaries.
This time arround, we have a tendency to get positive outcome from the Senate president
See The Positive Outcome of Npower Beneficiaries Last Protest regarding duration (Pictures)

Finally, senate president, Ahmad LAWAN can meet with Npower Beneficiaries next week Thursday, 23/7/2020.
Could you meet with us in Abuja next week by Thursday at NASS to continue with our protest?

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