Mix Milk with 2 Raw Eggs, Drink Every Day To Get These Effect

Mix Milk with 2 Raw Eggs, Drink Every Day To Get These Effect

Mix Raw Egg with Milk is very important for the body especially for those suffering from skin disease and like
Milk with Eggs it provide you instant energy to perform activities, as the mllk has sugar and fat and calcium and the egg has protein and fat and other body need nutrients.
Below are the steps to mix eggs with milk for yummy nutritious drinking

Noted: study the procedure kingly before performing it

1. Boil the eggs for just 2-3 minutes. Once the pot begins to boil, wait 3-4 minutes and turn off the heat then quickly put the eeggs in cold water not ice and remove the shell of the egg.

2. Slide or cut the eggs into pieces for blending.

3. Combine the milk with two eggs and blend till it become solvent (smooth)

4. Put the solution in an empty cup or mug and drink it completely.

5. Manage it cause it need not to be sweetened as we enjoyed it just like that.

Below are the health benefits of eggs with Milk
1. Eggs with milk served as performance improvement

2. Eggs with milk  manage and improve nutrient adequacy of the diet.

3. Eggs with milk reduces blood cholesterol

4. Eggs with milk served as to promote weight loss.

6. Eggs help to promote brain health
7. Eggs help to prevent cataracts and to protect eye sight
8. Eggs provide the best quality protein
9. Eggs can help to protect our bones
10. Eggs promote healthy hair and nails

Drink it every day to have this benefits, See you getting more from your double protein drink.

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