Soak Pineapple Leaf In Hot Water For 2 Days To Treat These Diseases[Practical Guide]

Soak Pineapple Leaf In Hot Water For 2 Days To Treat These Diseases[Practical Guide]

This article is published in order to teach you how to Soak Pineapple Leaf In Hot Water For 2 Days and to help you in Treating different Diseases with the help of practical Guide.

Pineapple Is also called Ananas comosus botanically, pineapple leaves are a part of God's gift to humankind, this leaf will wonders. Before you go through this post, ensure you create exercise one of your daily routine to enable you stay fit and healthy.

The Benefits of pineapple leaf are as follows

1. Heal Nosebleeds:
Regular Drinking of pineapple-leaf water with honey added as a flavour, not only stops the bleeding but also completely cures the nosebleeds.

2. Cures Tuberculosis:
Pineapple leaves are also very useful for those that have a history of glandular tuberculosis, you can recover effectively. In addition to treating tuberculosis, pineapple brew can also eliminate tuberculosis disease.

3. Relieves Flu:
Drinking boiled water of pineapple leaves regularly especially first thing in the morning and at bedtime helps to relieve even the hardest of flus.

4. Relieves Coughing up sputum:
Pineapple leaves not only relieve flu alone, but also relieves cough with phlegm.

5. Smooth digestion:
For those of who often experience not easy to defecate, you can drink boiled pineapple leaves every morning. It also maintains intestinal and stomach health

6. Drug Burns:
Mashed pineapple leaves is a sure remedy to heal burns faster and effectively.

7. Medicine for Bruises:
To treat bruises, you can pound the pineapple leaves and attach them to bruises.

8. Medicine for Hemorrhoids and fever:
For those that want to treat ambient hemorrhoid without surgery, you can use boiled pineapple leaves; this also treats minor ailments like fever.

9. Cures Dysentery and Diarrhea:
Dysentery is one of the diseases of digestion, consume boiled water pineapple leaves to cure it. Also, it serves as a cure for those who experience diarrhea due to poisoning.

Below are the substance you can found in the pineapple leaf

Calcium oxalate

Bromelin enzyme

Pectic substantial




Vitamin C


Vitamin B6







Pantothenic acid


This are the Health benefit of Soak Pineapple Leaf In Hot Water For 2 Days

It tackle waist pains

It heals hemorrhage from Nose

It helps fight inflammation.

It helps with fatigue and stress.

It helps to spice up your immunity

It manage and controls polygenic disorder

It helps to treat inflammatory disease and general body pain.

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