Bet9ja Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship

Bet9ja Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship

Bet9ja Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship

 About Bet9ja Foundation Nigeria Undergraduate Scholarship

This scholarship supports Bet9ja Foundation Nigeria’s commitment to youth development by providing full tuition for students studying in public Nigerian universities.


- Open to students studying the following courses:

  - STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

  - Humanities

  - Administration

  - Law

  - Medicine

- Must be in 3rd or 4th year in public Nigerian universities.

- Must have a CGPA of 4.0 and above.

 Application Requirements:

1. Personal Information:

   - First Name

   - Middle Name

   - Last Name

   - Email Address

   - Phone Number

   - Address

   - State

   - University

   - Gender

   - Matric Number

   - Course of Study

   - Year of Study

2. Next of Kin Details:

   - First Name

   - Name

   - Email Address

   - Phone Number

3. Academic Details:

   - Current GPA from last session

   - Upload results printout or any supporting document as evidence

   - School ID card

   - Endorsement Letter

4. Essay Submission:

   - Write a 200-word essay on "The Transformative Power of Education"

     - Articulate how education has impacted your life and its potential for personal growth and societal change.

     - Share a specific experience highlighting the influence of education on your beliefs.

     - Explain why you are a deserving candidate for the scholarship and how it will empower you to contribute positively to the world.

5. Consent:

   - Agree to receive other communications from Bet9ja Foundation.

   - Consent to allow Bet9ja Foundation to store and process the submitted personal information.

 Application Procedure:

Eligible candidates who meet the selection criteria should submit their details through the provided application form.

How to apply

Interested and qualified applicants can apply via the below link address


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