Steps to apply for a student loan

Steps to apply for a student loan

Steps to apply for a student loan

Creating an Account:

1. Visit https://nelf.gov.ng/

2. Click on "Apply Now"

3. Click on "Get Started"

4. Answer questions and click "Yes, I am a Nigerian"

5. Verify educational information and select school from dropdown

6. Enter matric number and click "Verify with JAMB"

7. Enter JAMB details and create account with email address, password, and confirm password

8. Click email verification link sent to email

Completing Your Profile:

1. Login with email address and password

2. Click "Proceed to Contact Details"

3. Update contact details with phone number, address, state, and local government area

4. Update educational details with higher institution and matric number

5. Verify BVN with bank name and account number

6. Click "Save Changes" to complete profile

Loan Application:

1. Click "Request for Student Loan" button

2. Select loan type (upkeep or institutional charge)

3. Upload supporting documents (admission letter, student ID, and institution invoice)

4. Read and agree to terms and conditions and GSI mandate

5. Click "Submit Application"

6. View application status by clicking "Loans" button

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  1. Was the only only for Federal Universities?