5 Ongoing FG Grant and loan to Apply

5 Ongoing FG Grant and loan to Apply

5 Ongoing FG Grant and loan to Apply 

Welcome to our platform, Haskenews.com.ng In this article, we are to share with you four ongoing federal government grant and loan portals to apply to before the end of this week for interested applicants. Below is a link.

Nigerian Youth Academy (NiYA)

The Nigerian Youth Academy (NiYA) is an online platform aimed at empowering Nigerian youths through learning, community building, start-up support, political engagement, job opportunities, and lifelong access to resources. Its strategic objectives include empowering 7 million youths, generating 5 million jobs, and boosting Nigeria's digital economy. Register at niya.ng and join the community to access courses and resources.

Apply here: https://niya.ng/

Nigeria Consumer Credit Corporation (CrediCorp)

The Nigeria Consumer Credit Corporation (CrediCorp) aims to increase consumer credit access for 50% of working Nigerians by 2030. They address barriers, provide guarantees, and collaborate with financial institutions. Apply via credicorp-register.ng/apply with personal, credit needs, and employment details before the portal closes soon.

Apply here: https://credicorp-register.ng/apply

N50,000 FG Grant/Loan

The Federal Government, in collaboration with state governments and key stakeholders, targets to allocate loans primarily to women, youth, people with disabilities, and senior citizens. Eligibility criteria include business operation duration, registration, financial documentation, and repayment terms tailored to business type and size.

Apply here: https://loan.fedgrantandloan.gov.ng/

3MTT Program for 30,000 technical talents

The 3 Million Technical Talent (3MTT) program, part of Nigeria's Renewed Hope agenda, aims to train 30,000 technical talents in collaboration with NITDA. It focuses on 12 technical skills, offering training to individuals and inviting training providers to participate. FAQs address various aspects of the program.

Apply here: https://3mtt.nitda.gov.ng/

Rural Area Programme On Investment for Development (RAPID)

Your Gateway to Empowerment and Growth

The objective of the programme is to assist communities in rural and economically disadvantaged areas to tap into available resources for the development of enterprises that can provide employment, improve the standard of living, contribute to national growth, and tame insecurity arising from youth restiveness. The Bank hopes to achieve the foregoing through the RAPID initiative by providing financial support to nano, micro, and small-scale businesses in rural locations. In addition to financial support, beneficiaries would also have access to business advisory services and training programmes to ensure business viability, growth, and sustainability.

Apply here: rapid.boi.ng/register

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