Update: NDLEA Begins 2023 General Recruitment

Update: NDLEA Begins 2023 General Recruitment

Update: NDLEA Begins 2023 General Recruitment

It is our pleasure again to share with you the newly ongoing recruitment by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA). NDLEA invites applications from suitably qualified Nigerians for enlistment in the agency. Furthermore, the applicants should choose the correct category of the job so as to avoid being disqualified. Also, application requirements are stated below. Please provide all the necessary documents stated before you begin your application.


a. Superintendent Cadre (General Duties or Specialists).

  • 1. CONPASS 08: Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics II
  • 2. CONPASS 09: Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics I
  • 3. CONPASS 10: Deputy Superintendent of Narcotics

b. Narcotic Agent Cadre.

  • 1. CONPASS 07: Chief Narcotic Agent 
  • 2. CONPASS 06: Senior Narcotic Agent  
  • 3. CONPASS 05: Narcotic Agent 

c. Narcotic Assistant Cadre

  • 1. CONPASS 04: Narcotic Assistant I  
  • 2. CONPASS 03: Narcotic Assistant II 
  • 3. Artisans, Mechanics, Drivers, Cleaners/Gardeners etc. 

Application Requirements

  • Passport Photograph.
  • Educational Certificates.
  • Certificate of State of Origin.
  • Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age.
  • National Identity Card.
  • NYSC Discharge/Exemption Certificate

How to apply

Applicants who have an interest in applying for NDLEA recruitment should use the below link.

NDLEA apply portal: https://recruitment.ndlea.gov.ng/ndlea

Print Out. Applicants must print out their online generated photo-slip on completion and download referee forms to be completed by two (2) persons of reputable standing in the society as stipulated on the form when coming for the screening/interview

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