2023/2024 AIG Public Leaders Programme

2023/2024 AIG Public Leaders Programme

2023/2024 AIG Public Leaders Programme

The Aig-Imoukhuede Foundation, in collaboration with the Blavatnik School of 

Government, University of Oxford is inviting applications for the 2023 class of the 

AIG Public Leaders Programme (PLP). The programme offers African public sector 

workers at the directorate level the unique opportunity to develop their leadership 

capacity and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to drive change.

The programme is designed to ensure that these senior public leaders, and those 

moving into senior leadership in the public sector over the next three to seven 

years, master a range of new skills as quickly as possible. Participants have an 

unparalleled opportunity to develop the conceptual frameworks and practical 

tools they need to meet the challenges of today’s rapidly changing and complex 


The first class of the PLP commenced in 2021 and since that time, we have offered 

over 100 fully funded scholarships to public servants to enable them participate in 

the programme. We are thrilled with the impact our programme participants are 

having in their organisations, as they use the learnings gained to shape positive 

change, with many of them receiving commendations and awards for the 

capstone projects they implemented in their organisations after the programme.

Candidates will be chosen based on their public sector experience and 

achievements, proven leadership qualities, intellectual abilities, and personal 

motivations and ambitions.

To be eligible for consideration, candidates must:

  • Be citizens of any African country and actively work within the public sector in Africa.
  • Have a minimum of seven years of active service in the public sector and be within the ages of 35 to 50.
  • Be at a Directorate level.
  • Provide evidence of game-changing leadership qualities and abilities
  • Provide a letter of endorsement from the ministry, department, or agency 
  • for which they work.

Provide a record of promotion within the ministry, department, or agency they 

work with, recording promotions over the most recent five (5) years.

Programme graduates will be transformed by the skills and insights they need to 

perform their roles effectively and efficiently in the public service. They will gain 

the know-how to share these skills and insights within their organisation and with 

the broader public sector and will strengthen their ability to respond to six 

challenges that face all leaders of public institutions

  • Making tough decisions while managing the biases that distort decisions made under pressure.
  • Improving the ability of their organisation to deliver outcomes that matter to the people they serve.
  • Building a culture of integrity in their organisation and sector.
  • Communicating effectively within the organisation they serve, across government, and with diverse public audiences and partners.
  • Creating effective partnerships with businesses with social-sector organisations and negotiating internationally across sectors to deliver better services, produce
  • Adapting to changing digital technology and harnessing its benefits while managing the challenges of cyber threats
  • The programme will conclude with each participant developing and implementing a practical reform in their own organisation or department, practising the art of change management in their home settings.

Please click the link below for more information on the 2023/2024 AIG Public 

Leaders Programme. Applications close on Monday, April 17, 2023.


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