Apply Circular Lagos Challenge(20th February, 2022)

Apply Circular Lagos Challenge(20th February, 2022)

Apply Circular Lagos Challenge(20th February, 2022)


About the Challenge

Circular Lagos is a project launched by Lagos State that seeks to grow the market for “Circular Economy” businesses in ways that benefit producers, consumers, and communities across Lagos.

In a “Circular Economy” waste is recaptured as resources to manufacture new materials and products. This means less extraction of carbon-intensive resources and less trash that harms our health and the environment. Circular businesses are also expected to reap the monetary benefits, stimulate local economic growth and create meaningful job opportunities.

The flagship event of this project is the Circular Lagos Challenge, supported by the German Development Cooperation (GIZ), which invites Lagosians to submit innovative solutions that can fundamentally change the way we design, make and use the things we need in Lagos State. The winners with the most promising solutions will proceed into an incubation program during which they will receive educational input.

Do you have what it takes to solve circular challenges of top industry players such as Coca-cola, Growing Businesses Foundation (GBF), BASF, Nigerian Breweries, Sweepsmart, Food & Beverage Recycling Alliance (FBRA), & New Generation Nutrition (NGN)?

Circular Challenges

1. BASF: How can innovative plastic return/ collection schemes be sustainably integrated into existing collection schemes to increase recovery and prevent plastic waste from ending up in the environment?

2. Sweepsmart: What is the potential to build community-based waste management systems, improve waste collection & sorting rates & providing new sources of income generation in Lagos?

3. Coca-cola & GBF: How can we recover a total of 10,000 metric tons of PET from the environment and recycle it into another bottle or another product?

4. Nigerian Breweries: Are there commercial applications for paper labels?

5. FBRA: What specific type of interventions can improve source segregation and household collection of PET, Flexible plastics, Used Beverage Cartons, and other waste streams in Lagos?

6. NGN: How can insect-rearing sector source 100% recycled crates for storage and transportation of products?

Benefits of participation

1.       2-day virtual bootcamp to learn the rubrics of circular business and circular economy

2.       Networking opportunities with luminaries in the Nigerian circular economy

3.       A mix of cash prizes and other consolatory awards

4.       Certificate of participation for every selected business

5.       Opportunity to partner with Challenge sponsors to support the deployment of your solution

6.       4-6 months incubation program for the top two participants in each challenge category

How to apply

Click on the apply button below to submit your application before 20th of February 2022.


News and Information

Application Start Date:

27th January, 2022

Applications Close Date:

20th February, 2022

Get in Touch

For enquiries, email: oxfam@pau.edu.ng

Uju: 09090390990

Halima: 09099241623

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