Another Farmers Grant Just Open: Apply Farmers for the Future (F4F) Grant

Another Farmers Grant Just Open: Apply Farmers for the Future (F4F) Grant

Another Farmers Grant Just Open: Apply Farmers for the Future (F4F) Grant

The Farmers for the Future Project is Sponsored by the British American Tobacco Foundation Nigeria under the Wealth is here campaign,  in Partnership with the NYSC. The program is implemented by Fate Foundation.


The British American Tobacco Nigeria Foundation (BATN Foundation) is an independent charitable organization established in November 2002 by British American Tobacco Nigeria. Since its incorporation, the Foundation has established over 200 community development projects in all the 36 States of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory; promoting sustainable agricultural development including good agricultural practices amongst rural farmers and providing the financial support needed to move them from subsistence to commercial farming.

To learn more visit www.bat.com

About NYSC

The NYSC scheme is a mandatory 1-year scheme for all graduates of Nigerian Tertiary Institutions. It was created by decree No.24 of 22nd May 1973 to reconstruct, reconcile and rebuild the country after the Nigerian Civil war by encouraging the development of common ties among the youths of Nigeria and the promotion of national unity. Through its Skills Acquisition & Entrepreneurship Development (SAED) Department, the NYSC also facilitates the training and mentoring of these young graduates in skill acquisition and entrepreneurship development for self-reliance annually.

To learn more visit www.nysc.gov.ng

About Fate Foundation

FATE Foundation was born from the simple idea of enabling entrepreneurs. Over the years we have grown, evolved, and embraced other fields of interest that became very important to us to attain more measurable impact. We help Nigerian Entrepreneurs START, GROW, and SCALE their businesses.

To learn more visit www.fatefoundation.org

In addition to:

Linkage to financial institutions and investors for follow-on financing and/or credit facilities

Winners will get technical support to establish their agribusiness

Participation in an intensive “Think-through-your-business” boot camp

Mentorship under seasoned entreprenuers and Agric Experts

Membership of the F4F alumni network

Participation in other partner-drive training programs

Support with business registration & other legal & regulatory requirements

Target Audience

The F4F Grant is targeted at NYSC Corps members NATIONWIDE left with less than 3 months to their passing-out date. This will enable them to hit the ground running immediately, with their businesses, after the award – which is designed to coincide with their pass out date.

Eligibility Criteria

Who Can Apply?

  1. Must be a current NYSC Corp member or just out of service;
  2. Can be male or female between 18 and 30 years;
  3. Group entries may be considered. However, each group/team should not be more than 3 members, as long as each member meets the eligibility criteria;
  4. Individuals that are willing to partake in long term agricultural career and who have measurable experience in agribusiness;
  5. Individuals with a keen interest in setting up an agribusiness enterprise after National Youth Service Corps (NYSC);

Eligible Agri-Businesses

Entrepreneurs with Agri Business focused on any of the below value chain areas are welcome:

•Crop farming, •Livestock/Animal Husbandry, •Agricultural Product Logistics & Distribution, •Agro commodity trading, •Aquaculture, •Horticulture, •Agricultural Mechanization, •Agricultural Produce Processing, •AgTech, •Agric Financing •Agric Education & Stakeholder Support •Others

How to apply

Interested applicants can apply via the below link address

Homepage: https://wealthishere.org/

Apply link: https://f4f.wealthishere.org/apply/

Complain: https://wealthishere.org/contact-us/

All the best

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