List Of Mathematics Projects Topics

List Of Mathematics Projects Topics

List Of Mathematics Projects Topics

3d Rendering Of Geo-Spatial Data In Xml/Gml Using Python

A Computational Study On Thermo-Solutal Convection In Magnetohydrodynamics (Mhd) Flow With Dufour Efeect

A General Iterative Scheme For Fixed Points Of Nonlinear Operators

A Hybrid Algorithm For Approximating A Common Element Of Solutions Of A Variational Inequality Problem And A Convex Feasibility Problem

A Mathematical Model for the Spread and Control of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)

A Mathematical Model For Evaluation Of Assets Returns In A Volatile Economy

A Mathematical Model Of The Transmission Dynamics Of Typhoid Fever And Its Control

A Modified Subgradient Extragradeint Method For Variational Inequality Problems And Fixed Point Problems In Real Banach Spaces

A Naive Finite Difference Approximations For Singularly Perturbed Parabolic Reaction-Diffusion Problems

A Quality Analysis Of The Thickness Of Part And Corrugated Asbetes Roofing Sheets (Case Study Of Emenite Limited Enugu)

A Scheduling Algorithm For Minimizing The Penalty Ratio Variance

A Statistical Analysis Of Reported Cases Of Sexually Transmited Disease (Case Study Of The Federal Medical Centre Umuahia (F.M.C) From 1995 – 2004)

A Strong Convergence Theorem For Zeros Of Bounded Maximal Monotone Mappings In Banach Spaces With Applications

A Study Of Common Fixed Point Approximations For Finite Families Of Total Asymptotically Nonexpansive Semigroup In Hyperbolic Spaces

A Study Of Compatibility Relation And Its Application To Switched Networks

A Study Of Eigen Fuzzy Sets Of Fuzzy Relations

A Study Of Fuzzy Compatibility Relations And Their Applications

A Study Of Fuzzy Numbers And Methods For Their Ranking

A Study Of Libration Points In The Photogravitational Circular Restricted Three-Body Problem With Asphericity And Potential From A Belt

A Study Of M-Fuzzy Subgroups And Its Level M-Subgroups

A Study Of Multiset Ordering For Constructing Alternative P Systems And Their Applications

A Study Of Properties And Applications Of Weibull-Burr Xii Distribution

A Study Of The Application Of Multiset To Membrane Computing

A Study Of The Prevalence Of Hiv/Aids Using Canonical Correlation Analysis (A Case Study Of General Hospital Minna)

A Study Of Theory Of Partially Ordered Multi Sets

A Study On Buoyancy Driven Flow Of Conducting Fluid In A Vertical Micro-Channel With Hall Effect

A Study On Commutativity Theorems For Rings And Near-Rings

A Study On Exponentiated-New Weighted Exponential Distribution

A Study On Flow Formation In Micro-Porous-Annulus

A Study On Flow Formation Of Conducting Fluid In Macro And Micro-Channels

A Study On Magnetohydrodynamic Natural And Mixed Convection Flows In Vertical Concentric Annuli Filled With Porous Material

A Study On Mixed Convection Flow In Different Channels

A Study On Periodic Orbits In The Generalized Restricted Three-Body Problem

A Study On The Properties And Applications Of Lomax-Gompertz Distribution


A Weibull-Normal Distribution: Its Properties And Applications

Adapting A Nosql Query Language For Querying Sql And Nosql Databases

Algebraic Study Of Rhotrix Semigroup

Algebraic Study Of Rhotrixgroups

Algebraic Study Of Soft Lattice Theory And Its Applications To Distributed Computing System

Algorithms For Approximation Of Solutions Of Equations Involving Nonlinear Monotone-Type And Multi-Valued Mappings

An Algebraic Study Of Non-Commutative Generallinear Rhotrix Group

An Algorithm For Solutions Of Hammerstein Integral Equations With Monotone Operators

An Analysis Of Infant Mortality Rate In Abia State (A Case Study Of Federal Medical Centre Umuahia From 1995 To 2004)

An Assessment Of Fertility Rate And Differentials In Women Within The Reproductive Agein Kaduna State

An Evaluation Of Multiple Comparisons Procedures In Agricultural Experiments

An Improved Job Scheduling Algorithm In Grid Computing Environment Using Fault Tolerance Mechanisms

Analysis Of Quantile Regression As Alternative To Ordinary Least Squares Regression

Analytical Study On Thermo-Solutal Natural Convection Flow In An Inclined Channel Filled With Porous Material


Application of Laplace Transform in Solving Partial Differential Equation in the Second Derivative

Application of Matrix in Solutions of Some Physical Problems in Science and Engineering

Application Of Genetic Algorithm In Modeling University Admission Decision Support System

Application Of Laplace Transform In Solving Partial Differential Equation In The Second Derivative

Application Of Matrices In The Analysis Of Time Autonomous System

Application Of Matrices In The Analysis Of Time Autonomous System

Application Of Matrices In The Analysis Of Time Autonomous System

Application Of Mobile Agents In Network Management

Application Of Multivariate Analysis To Agronomic Trial

Application Of Portfolio Optimization: A Statistical Approach

Application Of Queueing Theory In Tackling The Problem Of Port Congestion At Apapa Port, Lagos, Nigeria

Approximate Analytical Solution Of Natural Convection Flow With Viscous Dissipation And Variable Viscosity Effects

Approximation Method For Solving Variational Inequality With Multiple Set Split Feasibility Problem In Banach Space

Architectural Pattern For Scheduling Multi-Component Applications In Distributed Systems

Assessing The Performance Of Penalized Regression Methods And The Classical Least Squares Method

Assessment Of Collective Bargaining And Industrial Conflict Management In Nigerian Universities: A Study Of Federaluniversity Of Technology, (Fut) Minna

Availability of Laboratory Facilities for Effective Teaching Learning of Mathematics, Integrated Science and Computer Science in Junior Secondary Schools

Bayesian Estimation Of The Shape Parameter Of Odd Generalized Exponential-Exponential Distribution

Bias Reduction Using Propensity Score Matching In Observational Data

Bifurcation Analysis Of A Mathematical Model For Malaria Transmission Under Treatment And Control

Bifurcation And Stability Of Steady Solutions Of Evolution Equations

Block Method For Numerical Integration Of Initial Value Problems In Ordinary Differential Equations

Building Web-Based Farm Information System Using 3d Visualization Technology: A Case Study Of Jigawa State

contributions to operator theory and applications

Characteristic Inequalities In Banach Spaces And Applications

Combinatorial Properties Of The Alternating & Dihedral Groups And Homomorphic Images Of Fibonacci Groups

Comparative Analysis Of Reported Cases Of Maternal Deaths (Case Study Of Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Afikpo, Ebonyi State.)

Comparism Of The Penalized Regression Techniques With Classical Least Squres In Minimizing The Effect Of Multicollinearity

Comparison Of Cox, Weibull And Gompertz Regression Models In Survival Analysis Using Breast Cancer Data

Comparison Of Some Parametric And Non-Parametric Statistical Methods

Construction And Analysis Of Stopping Times And Belated Integrals On A Filtered Probability Space

Contributions To Iterative Algorithms For Nonlinear Equations In Banach Spaces

Contributions To The Control Theory Of Some Partial Functional Integrodifferential Equations In Banach Spaces

Controllability And Stabilizability Of Linear Systems In Hilbert Spaces

Corobe’s Circular Restricted Three-Body Problem With Zonal Harmonics And A Roche Ellipsoid-Triaxial System

Cover Page Perturbed Robe’s Circular Restricted Three-Body Problem Under An Oblate Primary


Deformation Field Near A Crack Tip Under Thermal Stress

Design And Analysis Of Integrated Urban Household Survey Of Nigeria

Design And Implementation Of A Fuzzy Logic Model For Air Traffic Control System

Design And Implementation Of A Modified Median Round Robin Algorithm (Dimmrra)

Design And Implementation Of A Telemedicine System In Nigeria

Design And Implementation Of A Webbased University Admission And Placement Neural Network Model

Design And Implementation Of An Online Outpatient Management System A Case Study Of Sokoto Specialist Hospital

Design And Implementation Of An Sms Based Road Traffic Offence Tracker And Profiling System

Design And Implementation Of Sms Based Water Billing System (A Case Study Of Bagudo Local Government Water Board, Kebbi State)

Design And Implimentation Of Web – Based Academic Information System (Webais) For Nigerian Universities

Determinants Of Economic Growth In Nigeria: An Autoregressive Distributed Lag (Ardl) Modeling Approach

Determination Of Students’ Academic Performance Using Canonical Correlation And Factor Analyses

Determination Of The Number Of Non-Abelian Isomorphic Types Of Certain Finite Groups

Determining Out-Of-Control Variable(S) In A Multivariate Quality Control Chart For Individual Observations

Deterministic Inventory Models For Delayed Deteriorating Items With Inventory Level Dependent Demand Rate

Developing Economic Production Quantity Models For Items That Exhibit Delay In Deterioration With Reliability Consideration

Development And Analysis Of New Iterative Schemes For Solving Nonlinear Equations

Development And Implementation Of A Mathematical Model Of Distant Education System

Development Of An Optimized Priority Based Cpu Scheduling Algorithm To Minimize Starvation Of Processes Using An Efficiency Factor

Dierential Forms And Applications

Differential Incidence Of Diabetes Mellitus Between Male And Female Using Beta-Binomial And Negative Binomial Models In Ekiti West

Differentiation and its Applications – Mathematics Project

Differentiation And Its Application

Differentiation And Its Application PDF

Dynamic Power Management In Wireless Sensor Network

Effect of Mathematical Modeling on Students

Effect of Student Perception on Teaching and Learning Mathematics

Effect Of Feature Selection And Dataset Size On The Accuracy Of Naïve Bayesian Classifier And Logistics Regression

Effects Of Problem Solving Instructional Method On Attitude And Performance In Algebra Among Senior Secondary School Students In Kaduna State Nigeria


Enhanced Web Security Application For Online Financial Transactions

Enhancing Query Performance And Privacy On Relational Cloud Database

Evaluation And Comparative Analysis Of The Quality Of Service Of Gsm And Cdma Cellular Networks In Zaria

Evaluation Of Reliability And Availability Characteristics Of Two Different Systems Using Linear First Order Differential Equation

Evolution Equations And Applications

Examination Of The Lagrangian Equilibrium Points In The Photogravitational Elliptic Restricted Three-Body Problem With Zonal Harmonics Of The Secondary

Existence And Linear Stability Of Equilibrium Points In The Photogravitational Restricted Three-Body Problem With Poynting-Robertson Drag And Oblateness

Existence And Uniqueness Of Solutions Of Integral Equations Of Hammerstein Type

Existence Theorems For Attractive Points Of Bregman Semitopological Semigroups In Reflexive Banach Space

Extending An Ontology Alignment System With A Lexical Database

Extension Of Burr V Distribution: Its Properties And Application To Real-Life Data

Floquet Theory And Applications.

Foundation Of Stochastic Modeling And Applications

Fractional Mechanical Oscillator

Generalized Mathematical Modeling Of Aqueous Humour Flow In The Anterior Chamber And Through A Mesh Channel In The Human Eye

Images Of Mathematics Stakeholders In Teaching And Learning Mathematics At Secondary Schools In Sokoto State

Implementation Of Derivative Free Optimization Methods

Improved Half Life Variable Quantum Time Round Robin Cpu Scheduling Algorithm

Improved Longest Job First Cpu Scheduling Algorithm (Iljf)

Improved Round Robin With Highest Response Ratio Next (Irrhrrn) Cpu Scheduling Algorithm

Improving Ontology Matching Towards Achieving Semantic Interoperability

Improving Performance In Vanet System Through Ontology Knowledge Based Repository

Integer Programming Approach To Staff Scheduling Of Resource Persons To A Polytechnic: A Case Study Of Nbte’s Accreditation Team

Integrating Databases And Wordnet For Semantic Search

Integration In Lattice Spaces

Investigating the cases of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Using dynamic statistical techniques

Investigation Of The Stability Of Equilibrium Points In The Relativistic Restricted Three-Body Problem With Perturbations

Isoperimetric Variational Techniques And Applications

Iterative Algorithms For Single-Valued And Multi-Valued Nonexpansive-Type Mappings In Real Lebesgue Spaces.

Iterative Approximation Of Common Fixed Points For Families Of Some Classes Of Nonlinear Operators

Lasalle Invariance Principle For Ordinary Dierential Equations And Applications

Magnetohydrodynamic Unsteady Free Convection Flow Past Vertical Porous Plates With Suction And Oscillating Boundaries

Mathematical Analysis Of Hemodynamic Pulse Wave In Human Fluid-Structure Interaction

Mathematical Analysis/Predictions Of Internal Generated Revenue (Igr) In Some States In Nigeria

Mathematical Model for the Dynamic Spread and Control of Polio in Nigeria

Mathematical Model for the Spread and Control of Tuberculosis Disease

Mathematical Model Of Blood Flow Through A Tapered Artery With Multiple Stenosis Of Different Heights

Mathematical Model Of Predator-Prey Relationship With Human Disturbance

Mathematical Model On Glucose, Insulin And Β-Cells Mass Dynamics In Type 2 Diabetes

Mathematical Model On Human Population Dynamics Using Delay Differential Equation

Mathematical Modeling And Control Of A Nonisothermal Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor, Cstr

Mathematical Modelling of Causes and Control of Malaria

Mathematical Modelling Of Energy Generation In The Mitochondria

Mathematical Modelling Of Optimal Strategies For Improving Industrial Productive Population In The Presence Of Perverse Diseases Pandemic

Mathematical Modelon A Three Way Catalytic Converter: A Comparative Study Of Gas Phase Concentration And Temperature.

Mathematical Models Of Control Measures In The Spread Of Cholera

Matrices and its Applications

Maximal Monotone Operators On Hilbert Spaces And Applications

Methodological Models For Optimal Control Of Marine Oil Spill

Methods of Solution to Second Order Linear Differential Equation With Variable Coefficients

Methods Of Solution To Second Order Linear Differential Equation With Variable Coefficients

Minimum Principle Of Pontryagin

Modeling And Forecasting Of Electricity Consumption Using Arma And Exponential Smoothing: A Case Study Of Gazaoua Plant

Modeling Broncho-Pneumonia Status In Infants Using Discriminant And Logisic Regression Analyses

Modeling The Effects Of Carriers On Transmission Dynamics Of Infectious Diseases

Modeling Volatility Transmission In Stock And Bond Markets Of The Frontier Economies Using Multivariate Garch Models

Modelling and Simulation of the Spread of HBV Disease with Infectious Latent

Modelling Abrupt Shift In Time Series Using Indicator Variable: Evidence From Nigerian Insurance Stock

Modelling Air Passenger Traffic Flow In Murtala Muhammad International Airport Lagos, Nigeria: A Time Series Approach

Modelling And Simulation Of The Spread Of Hbv Disease With Infectious Latent

Modelling Mean Surface Temperature Of Nigeria Using Geostatistical Approach

Modelling, Design And Implementation Of A Web-Based Personalised E-Learning System

Monitoring And Identification Of Influential Process Characteristics In The Presence Of Autocorrelation

Monotone Operators And Applications

Motion In The Generalized Restricted Three-Body Problem

Multivariate Approach To Time Series Model Identification

New Fuzzy Scheduling Algorithm (Nfsa) For Real-Time Tasks On Multiprocessor Systems

Noncommutative Ergodic Theorems On Von Neumann Algebras.

Numerical Methods for Solving Partial Differential Equation

Numerical Methods For Solving Partial Differential Equation

Odd Generalized Exponential-Inverse-Exponential Distribution: It’s Properties And Applications

On Four-Parameter Odd Generalized Exponential-Pareto Distribution: Its Properties And Applications

On J-Fixed Points Of J-Pseudocontractions With Applications

On Optimal Complete Replicated Rotatable, Orthogonal, Efficient And Relative Efficient Central Composite Designs

Open Channel Flow Over A Permeable River Bed

Performance Evaluation Of Two High Profile Segmentation Algorithms In Iris Recognition System

Performance Modeling Of Virtual Machines: A Case Study Of University Of Agriculture, Makurdi Datacente

Pricing And Modeling Of Bonds And Interest Rate Derivatives

Pricing Of Basket Options

Pricing Of Compound Options

Problems Militating Against the Effective Teaching and Learning of Mathematics in Junior Secondary Schools

Process Scheduling In Longest Job First (Ljf) Algorithm: A Proposed Framework For Starvation Problem


Quadratic Forms With Applications

Ratio-Type Estimators In Stratified Random Sampling Using Auxiliary Attribute

Review Of Classical Cryptography And Proposal Of A Hybrid Cipher

Simultaneous Differential Equation and its Application

Sobolev Spaces And Linear Elliptic Partial Differential Equations

Sobolev Spaces And Variational Method Applied To Elliptic Partial Differential Equations

Solution of First Order Differential Equation Using Numerical Newton’s Interpolation and Lagrange

Solution Of First Order Differential Equation Using Numerical Newtons Interpolation And Lagrange

Solution Of Generalized Equilibrium Problems And Common Fixed Point Of Finite Family Of Strict Pseudocontractions With Application

Some Recent Approximate Solution To Non Linear Boundary Value Problems

Spectral Decomposition Of Compact Operators On Hilbert Spaces

Spectral Theory Of Compact Linear Operators And Applications

Stability Of The Damped Cubic-Quintic Duffing Oscillator

Statistical Analysis Of Foster Care And Adoption Rate In Abia State (A Case Study Of Motherless Babies Home Ahiaeke, Umuahia)

Statistical Analysis Of Students’ Expenditure In Tertiary Institutions (A Case Study Of Imt Enugu 2004/2005 Sessions)

Statistical Analysis Of The Problems Associated With Skill Acquisition In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Male Tailors In Imo State)

Statistical Analysis On Monthly Consumption Of Water Supply (A Case Study Of Urban Water Board Minna)

Statistical Analysis On Motor Accident In Oyo State {A Case Study Of Federal Road Safety Commission, Eleyele Ibadan Oyo State. From 2002-2011}

Statistical Analysis On The Causes Of The Falling Standard Of Education (A Case Study Of Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi)

Statistical Power Of Hypothesis Testing Using Parametric And Nonparametric Methods

Strong Convergence Of Modified Averaging Iterative Algorithm For Asymptotically Nonexpansive Maps

Study Of Chu Spaces And Categories

Study Of Formal Multilanguages And Their Algebra

Study Of Fuzzy Multisets And Their Algebra

Study Of Multigroup And Its Extensions

Study Of Soft Set Theory, Its Algebra And Application

Study Of Some Coupled Fixed Point Theorems In Partially Ordered S-Metric Space

Study Of The Prevalence Of Hiv/Aids Using Canonical Correlation Analysis (A Case Study Of General Hospital Minna

Study On Inferences And Applications Of Odd Generalized Exponential-Rayleigh Distribution

Study On Some Fixed Point Theorems For Bregman Nonexpansive Type Mapping In Banach Spaces

Studying Different Numerical Methods In Solving First Order Differential Equations


Successive Approximation Method For First Order Pde Using Picard

Super Relational Approach For Efficient Extensible Markup Language (Xml) Query Processing

The Application Of Linear Programming In Profit Maximization (A Case Study Of Crunches Fried Chicken Aka Road)

The Comparison of Gaussian Elimination and Cholesky Decomposition Methods to Linear System of Equations

The Comparison Of Gaussian Elimination And Cholesky Decomposition Methods To Linear System Of Equations

The Computer Search For The Optimal Settings Of A Multi-Factorial Experiment Using Response Surfaces D-Optimality Design Criterion

The Effect Of Atmosphere On Earth-Space Radiowave Propagation Studies Of Tropical Satellite Communication In Nigeria

The Ellipsoid Algorithm For Linear Programming

The Increasing Rate Of Auto-Crash Accident (Motor Accident) In Recent Times In Edo

The Laplace Transform and its Application to Circuit Problems

The Mountain Pass Theorem And Applications.

The Relevance of the Use of the Method of Undetermined Coefficient for Solving Differential Equations

The Relevance Of The Use Of The Method Of Undetermined Coefficient For Solving Differential Equations

Time Series Analysis Of Patient Attendance, University Of Uyo Teaching Hospital

Travelling Wavessolutions For The Transesterification Reaction Kinetics Of Biodiesel Production Using Tanh Method

Variational Inequality In Hilbert Spaces And Their Applications

Weak And Strong Convergence Of An Iterative Algorithm For Lipschitz Pseudo-Contractive Maps In Hilbert Spaces

Weak And Strong Convergence Theorems For Nonspreading Type Mapping In A Hilbert Spaces

Why Classical Finite Difference Approximations Fail For A Singularly Perturbed System Of Convection-Diffusion Equations

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