Very Sad: My husband set me up - Mother

Very Sad: My husband set me up - Mother

Very Sad: My husband set me up - Mother

There is a man who began chatting with me around let April of this year. The man to be frank is handsome and he has huge money. He began showering me with nice messages and slowly graduated to gifts. 

We set to meet several time but hadn't, finally we met and I liked him more. Slowly we began planning on some queerplatonic out and finally we booked a hotel out of the village. I took myself there during weekend hours. I had lied to my husband am going to visit a cousin of mine who lives there. 

We got to the hotel and went to the room. We showered and we got to bed together. However just as we began, the door got banged so hard. The man seemed scared but went to open the door. 

My husband came inside and found me upset. He told me: now I have proven that you aren't faithful to me. He told me it was all a set up to try me since he has always suspected me that I would cheat given the chance. 

The man admitted it was true he was hired to try me. He dressed up and both my husband and him left. I felt so much ashamed l didn‘t go home but went to my mothers place and haven't told her why am there. The children are with my husband. 

Please read this i really need your advice: How do I solve this one? Am so confused i blame myself though. Pls leave your comments in the comments section

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