Do Model generate Data OR Data Generate Model

Do Model generate Data OR Data Generate Model

"Do Model generate Data OR Data Generate Model" - Question from a university lecturer

Why this question has not been answer? "Do Model generate Data OR Data Generate Model"  today article we will drop our view on the critical queation circulated within statistician.

Data are raw facts or individual pieces of information counted  and used for the aim of or purpose of drawing valid conclusion or inference(i.e analysis in general). In general Data is a set of raw information from which statistics are making inference. While the term Statistic is a set of function value or Value obtain from the population and Statistics with 's' is a subject or mathematical method of Collecting data, organizing data or arranging data, drawing valid conclusion and making inference on the data collected. Therefore from the view before making inference or conclusion about any field work or information the data of such information should be available. Basically there are two types of data each may be collected using the necessary method, this types include Quantitative data and Qualitative data, and the method of data collection may include Interviews, Questionnaires and surveys, Observations, Documents and records, Focus groups, Oral histories and so on. And every one of the listed may be either primary source or secondary source. There for data play vital role in any mathematical modelling.

While the statistical model from what we have learn in school is a mathematical representation (or mathematical model) of observed data. Therefore for data come first before making anystatistical model base on the above definition. When a statistician or data analyst in general apply various statistical models to the data they are investigating, they are able to understand and interpret the information more strategically Rather than sifting through the raw data, this practice allows them to identify relationships between variables, make predictions about future sets of data, and visualize that data so that non-analysts and stakeholders can consume and leverage it. “When you analyze data, you are finding or examine, looking for patterns,” according to Mello. “You are using a sample to make an inference about the whole.”

From the above information i can concluded that it is data that generate the model not the vices versa.

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