JUST IN: Popular Governor has been impeached by lawmakers

JUST IN: Popular Governor has been impeached by lawmakers

JUST IN: Popular Governor has been impeached by lawmakers.

NewsOnline Nigeria reports that Mohamed Abdi, the governor of Wajir County, a county in the former North Eastern Province of Kenya, Governor Mohamed Abdi has been impeached.

This online news platform understands that the governor’s impeachment which took place on Tuesday evening (Kenyan time), saw a total of 37 members voted in support of his impeachment while 10 voted against it. Two were absent.

It was learned that MCAs started debating at 2.30pm and did so for four hours before they went into voting.

Speaker Ibrahim Yakub who presided over the sitting while announcing the impeachment said that two-thirds of the members supported the impeachment of the governor.

“I the speaker of the county assembly here by declare the governor of Wajir Mohamed Abdi impeached following a unanimous voting of the MCAs in support of the same,” said the speaker.

After voting, the MCAs left the chambers, singing.

Earlier in the day, there was drama as the governor’s lawyers led by Ndegwa Mwangi served the assembly with court papers despite earlier efforts by the assembly chamber to block the lawyers from accessing the assembly precincts.

Among the grounds the MCAs have leveled against Abdi is gross violation of the Constitution and abuse of office.

They also cited poor service service delivery.

Speaking to the press on Tuesday, the impeached governor said it was evident that some external forces were driving the agenda BREAKING:him out.

Impeached Governor Abdi said the MCAs have not given dialogue a chance saying they were being used by politicians in Nairobi.

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