Nasims-Npower Applicants with issue of BVN and profile validation

Nasims-Npower Applicants with issue of BVN and profile validation

Nasims-Npower Applicants with issue of BVN and profile validation 

The Npower programme is specifically for unemployed youths within the ages of 18-35. This scheme was initiated by the Buhari's led adminstration to alleviate unemployment among Nigeria youth.

The recruitment process is currently ongoing through the Npower recruitment portal.

The latest problems that applicants encounter during the process of updating their profile in most cases, is related to BVN or their profile not being able to update.

In order to successfully verify your BVN and profile, their are step by step process applicants need to follow, after the Npower Technical Department has issued a final note and instructions regarding some of the actions applicants should take when they face with any of the challenges mentioned above.

As earlier stated, the Npower portal is still open for password reset and documents uploading. Therefore, if you applied for the scheme, log into the website https://Nadine.gov.ng to do the necessary update.

With that being said, and following the instructions of the Npower Technical Support Unit, useful steps had been devised on how to deal with profile and BVN related problems.

1. If you can't verify your Bank Verification Number (BVN):

A lot of people face this problem. If you are among them, you have to make sure that your date of birth registered at the bank matches the date of birth you used to register for the scheme.

2. The profile cannot be updated:

This is another major problem faced by applicants. Usually, thus problem is associated with poor network. So if you are facing this issue, it is advisable that you try a very strong network connection and try again after a few hours.

Additional, I will advise that you also try accessing the portal at midnight (that is if you have a smart phone or personal computer) as the website is after at night. You should have a good internet browser.

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