Download Mathematica and Statistics Mega Drive with 50 Textbooks

Download Mathematica and Statistics Mega Driver with 50 Textbooks

Do you have knowledge of functional analysis, complex analysis, lebesgue integral,optimization, non-linear dynamics, chaos, random walks and diffusion, graph theory, metric and topological spces?

Being you as a statistician You need knowledge of the modules titled probability and Markov chains to study graph theory. Knowledge of topologu, functional analysis, lebesgue to study probability and measure. Other reading materials you may found in our mega include: M140---M248---Probability---Markov Chains---M249---M346Statistical Inference---Introduction to Probability Models---M347Mathematical Statistics---M343Applied Probability---Probability and Measure---Principles Of Statistics---Machine Learning---Data Mining

The URLs I shared contain all materials you will need to learn these topics on your own without recourse to anyone else. Books are included aimed at self study, I have included more than one book in some files should you need a second opinion or extra practice.

Click here to open the mega

You may drop question or textbook you are interested on so that we will drop you a link to download the book

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