Checkout The Difference Between A Data Scientist And A Statistician

Checkout The Difference Between A Data Scientist And A Statistician

Data scientist and Statistician are two common words used by Statistics Students in this article we will prescribe each term attach with basic example first of all let start with Statistician

A statistician must know more statistics in order to be able to carry that heavy term. Just knowing how to find correlations, compute different types of regression, and understanding probability distributions alone is not enough. The higher knowledge of statistics could be arbitrarily complex. Both have to understand basic statistics and present meaningful results in a visual way that is interesting and informative.

A data scientist has to be able to form their own hypothesis and test it, from A to Z. They have to figure out the hardware and software requirements, and be able to code it all up too. It seems like map-reduce is really common. At least in some cases they have to become server admins, and could even be running distributed systems. Furthermore Data scientists understand things from a data perspective. One needs to understand what characteristics does the data have- is it sparse? does it have certain structure? can we leverage some orthogonal information from other data sources? What do the domain scientists have to say about the data properties? amongst several other such issues

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