NYlF: After You Received Verification Through Your Email, See The Next Stage

NYlF: After You Received Verification Through Your Email, See The Next Stage. 

We all know the national youths investment fund is sending a message to many successful applicants that applied for the program which the application portal opened last year and currently, the form is still online to allow many Nigerians participate in the program.

Also, we know many peoples are having some challenges regarding the sending of verification through their mail address which I decided to make an article about the simple steps to follow and get your verification through your email address in just a limited time.

NYIF: Read This If You're Yet To Receive Email From NMFB For NYIF Loan

If you read the article, I am quite sure you received your mail confirmation, after that there is another step which many peoples are not aware of, this is financial information steps.

Please make sure you feel it correctly, wrong filling of these steps might be made you not to qualify for the program.

See the steps in the pictures below:

In this step, you will be asked some few questions, such as

(1) Your project average revenue for the next 12 months?

(4) Project annual net income?

(5) What is your project gross period annually?

These are some of the questions they asked, please make sure you answer such questions correctly.

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