Finally lnksnation proposes Bank transfer and better Market strategy

Finally lnksnation proposes Bank transfer and better Market strategy

Many if not all have been curious as to when Inks nation payment & marketing activities will be activated fully for each users benefit.

The initial cash-out which was August 12, 2020 had been constantly postponed as well as the failed inks market scheme 2020. There was even a certain time 'Bank verification number' BVN, was required from all ink members for disbursement of funds to their local banks. But due to raised brows, alarms and to avoid suspicion of fraud, it was cancelled for good. Now since the past year, the inks website has been under re-construction in a bid to project better fund disbursement scheme for end-users.

Finally, on March 12, by the grace of God, funds in your spendable balance is transferrable to your direct bank account.

HOW ???? 

it has been concluded that during the re-construction process a portal will be created into the each inks member's account (inks account) to enable you fill your bank details whenever you want to transfer to your local bank.

Also on March 12, it has been projected that merchants will also start full operations so members can start using their DRCB balance for trading such as: buying vehicles/cars, Electricity bills, school fees, Buy houses, TV, Rent, Foodstuffs e.t.c

" Inksnation is working harder to make sure we live like Kings and Queens. Be patient with UDI (Universal Daddy Inks) because the project is not easy to gain wishes in moments due to hurdles along the way".

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