Download the best Biology textbook for graduate and post graduate Students(PDF), 2021

Download the best Biology textbook for graduate and post graduate Students(PDF), 2021

Download the best Biology textbook for graduate and post graduate Students(PDF), 2021

What are the best books which explain biology in detail?

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Bhagyashree Ghag

Answered January 5, 2018

What are the best books which explain biology in detail?

Which area of biology are you referring to? Now biology is a vast subject. So there are different books for different topics. As I belong animal physiology baground, I can suggest you a book on the same. Guyton and Hall textbook of Medical Physiology is bible for physiology. It has very comprehensible diagramatic representations and covers all the topics in detail.

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Rota Pranata

Updated July 1, 2020

What are some recommended biology books?

I would recommend the following books:

Campbell Biology, 8th/9th/10th/11th Edition.

Image source : Amazon.com: Campbell Biology (11th Edition) (9780134093413): Lisa A. Urry, Michael L. Cain, Steven A. Wasserman, Peter V. Minorsky, Jane B. Reece: Books

This book gives me insights in biology as well as a glimpse of the wide scope of biology, also the basics of biology from cell and molecular biology, all the way to the ecology and conservation biology. I did not read the entire book thou. Anyway, this book is awesome in terms of building my fundamental biology, which is the baseline to read the following books on this list.

2. Molecular Biology of The Cell 5th Edition by Bruce Alberts.

Image source : Molecular Biology of the Cell, 5th Edition: Bruce Alberts, Alexander Johnson, Julian Lewis, Martin Raff, Keith Roberts, Peter Walter: 8580001056227: Amazon.com: Books

This is the ultimate book for Cell and Molecular Biology. This book is so big, I think the biggest of all in this list. But anyway, this book has various types problems and advanced materials not covered in many of its kind. I read a few chapters of it( Mostly about cell organelles and genomes processing as I remember it), and it significantly improved my mastery of the subject.

3. Genetics: From Genes to Genomes, 5th Edition by Hartwell.

Image source : Amazon.com: Genetics: From Genes to Genomes, 5th edition (9780073525310):

Leland H. Hartwell, Michael L. Goldberg, Janice A. Fischer, Leroy Hood, Charles F. Aquadro: Books

This is the ultimate book for Genetics. I personally preferred this book over Snustad, because Hartwell Genetics has so many analytical problem in advanced genetics unlike any other book of its kind presented. It presents the materials in a very effective way before exposing us directly into the problems with ascending order of difficulties.

4. Human Physiology: From Cell to Systems by Lauralee Sherwood.

Image source : By Lauralee Sherwood Human Physiology: From Cells to Systems (9th Ninth Edition) [Spiral-bound]: Amazon.com: Books

Sherwood Human Physiology contains most of the advanced physiology materials. The picture and diagram really helped me to comprehend the materials. Finally, the best feature that I love is its approach in presenting materials. It somehow could bring me depth into the details without losing the big picture at the end of the chapter. Additionally, this book was my primary reading in Animal Physiology. Along with Hill Animal Physiology, the two books became my staunchest allies against Physiology Problem in the competitions.

5. Animal Physiology by Hill

Image Source : Animal Physiology: 9781605354712: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com

Sherwood Physiology did put me to another level in Human Physiology. So Hill did-Its concise yet effective explanation really boosted my mastery level in animal physiology. Even though I did not read the whole book, I do recommend to read this book along with Sherwood Human Physiology.

6. Plant Physiology and Development by Taiz.

Image source : Amazon.com: Plant Physiology and Development (9781605352558): Lincoln Taiz, Eduardo Zeiger, Ian M. Møller, Angus Murphy: Books

To be honest, Taiz was the only book I really dig into to crack Plant Physiology problems. The reason is quite simple. The main principle of the advanced Plant Physiology is succinctly contained in this book. The graph and the pictures were great-It helped me a lot in visualizing various sequence of processes occurred in plants.

7. Principles of Biochemistry by Lehninger

Image source : Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry: 9781464126116: Medicine & Health Science Books @ Amazon.com

I only read some specific chapters in this book. This book is worth reading for its clear and deep explanation about Enzyme Kinetics.

I think those are the core books I read to prepare for the Biology Olympiad. There are more “secondary” books that I read thou…

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Thanks for reading….

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