SUVIVAL FUND: Why FG should consider extension of salary up to 1-Year

SUVIVAL FUND: Why FG should consider extension of salary up to 1-Year

SUVIVAL FUND: Why FG should consider extension of salary up to 1-Year

The issue of covid19 tragedy will not be erased in a bit, infact it's a monumental disaster that this century can't forget in a hurry.

Since the adventure and after match of covid19 era, many people and responsible Governments have sorted for ways to alleviate the poverty level of it's citizens.

Americans have done lots of programs, even our South Africa has given out grants to it's citizens, the present Buhari's administration has joined suits looking for solutions to better the conditions of it's citizens.

Through the social investment progams led by Nigerias Vice president professor Osibanjo, developed the survival funds grants to Nigerias SMES to help and reduce the negative impact of EndSars protests and covid19 tragedy, this is a payroll grants that is given to organizations, workers, artisans, employees and directors in a form of monthly payment of, 30,000 and 50,000 to each qualified candidates for the period of three Nigeria.

As it's today, the program may come to an end this January 2021, it's hard to assume that this program that started from November and ends January will solve the long accumulated problems and poverty trapped people in Nigeria.

Three months grants, calculated together is 90,000 for those that receive 30.000 and. 150,000 for those who received 50,000. The sorry state of this program is that some organizations have over 30 or 20 work force, but only 10 were privileged to register this, and some of the organizations that registered 10 workers only 8 or 7 were paid.

Put this together it means that even if you received this grants into your account, the money should be pulled out and shared among other employees who were not privileged to register, by this calculations each worker may not be able to get 20,000 or 15000 as his take home after the division and subtraction is done in a month.

Another bordering issues is the issue of omission of December salary package, some people were not paid December salary after they received their first November edition, finally they received January salary as at when others who also got their December salary were paid for January.

One begins to wonder whether those who haven't received December salary should consider the money they received on January as December salary and wait for their January pay, or whether their December salary has been swallowed by River of the survival funds directors. It will only take the end of this month to know what really played out, but if they finally receive it at the end of this month that means that they have overcome the ugly situation. We're keeping our fingers crossed until this movie is finally released for public consumptions at the end of this month.

The last article on this December salary omission brought lots of reactions from people, some laments that since their registration and calling and confirmation of their status they have not received any dime from the Government.

The River State candidates queried the genuineness of this program, and wants to know why nobody from Rivers State have not received any response from the Government as a salary grants into their accounts, this complaint is left for Government to make inquiry about this, and if this is true this must be corrected with immediate effect, because we're are all Nigerians.

It is a thing of worry that when trying to contact the survival funds managers on phone it becomes impossible for them to pick your calls, you can be on line for 24 hours without any response, you will only be attended by a woman voice machine that will tell you "welcome to survival fund's Nigeria keep on our representative is coming to pick your calls, or maybe told "sorry no one is available to answer your calls."

Even if you resolve to sending emails your email may be there with no one to reply you, these are not fair treatment meted to poor masses. Then when one is in a need who can help you, they only do what pleases them. They sent you email when they need your attention, but when you need their attention no body attends to you.

This is the reason of writing this article to consider the extension of the salary schedule up to 12 months in other to make sure that the affected masses will not fall back to continue on a long work to poverty trapped zone and these ugly situations get solved.

The main reason for this article is to correct these abnormalities, and to ask Government to extend the salary schedule that has almost elapsed according to the programs schedule, we are pleading for an extension of salary up to 12 months, as in the case of other Government ( NlP) programs conducted by FG, like Npower program which is been run for 12 months and some 24 months as the case maybe.

FG should consider extension at least 12 months, because should it be true that this program is over how can this solve the problem of the long run poverty trapped people in this country. We are also thinking that this should be used as a channel through which the Nigeria workers should be supported, because they contribute to the economy growth of our their Nation through the works and services they Lenders in SMES, big Organizations, Companies etc in Nigeria.

Let us join hands together to making sure that this program continues for 12 months and issues raised in this article solved by clicking like, share and comment on this article

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