Manara Loan Application Form To Request Token

Manara Loan Application Form To Request Token 

It's for so long after the Nigerian Islamic scholars alert Muslim umma to apply for manara non interest loan. these loan is from the federal government of Nigeria. In this writeup today morning i come across to another portals called this portal gives an update about manara Application form to request token. So i 'm going to share the portal with you umma but be factual check the portal or ask of any Islamic scholar about the portal if the portal is let please try to inform us.

Below is a hint from the portal 

Are you sure you wish to resend another token?

Request Application Token

Apply here

You may request an application token to be sent to your email address. Once received, you may continue to apply using the token link sent to you. Please make sure to not lose it, as you may not proceed to apply without it.

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