20 Hausa makeup styles and ideas to inspire you

20 Hausa makeup styles and ideas to inspire you.

When occasion or ceremony comes(Dina Kamu wedding and like), there is a need for the ladies to look amazing, gorgeous, pretty or upper level, there at the occasion you meet with old friends, you reunite with them, they access your appearance to know if you are doing well, most especially when they are living large.

They use every opportunity to express that, with their attention-getting necklace, charming earrings and their bold wrist watches. They are most happy to be outside. If you have done something wrong to them before, that could be the judgement time.

Not only the old friends(kawaye) will be available at every occasion, you equally meet with school and current friends, there at the occasion or wedding party you take to eating, drinking and marry making together. Taking photographs, exchanging phone numbers and usually, with some little gossips, sorry i say gossip, i mean discussion.

In this article we were able to compiled 20 Hausa makeup styles and ideas to inspire you. As you checking through, remember to like and follow, to get more posts and articles like this.

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