Nigerians Enjoyed More In Buhari's Administration Than Past Government

Nigerians Enjoyed More In Buhari's Administration Than Past Government

Nigerians Enjoyed More In Buhari's Administration Than Past Government

Of course we might still have security challenges across the country, yet that doesn't signified that we didn't make any progress in that area. If you can remember before these government took over, some of the localities and villages in the NE are held hostage and control by BH, hoisting their devilish flags, people fleeing their residences, killing and various attacks to mosques and churches. But now in the whole NE NO single village is under BH control, people are getting back to their houses in daily basis, physical Attack and combat by the militant group has reduced, our military has been equipped. Note also that no government in the world can 100% address the security challenges.

Education: FG implements new minimum wage which it effects suppose to improve learning. Government also introduces feeding programs in primary and junior sec school which is still on going. Government recruits NPOWER (N-teach ) volunteers all in its bids to improve learning in the country. Unfortunately some of the volunteers do not go to their PPA and still get paid.

On railways also, if you look carefully it's zoning policy, we in the NW we have ours at KD-ABUJA and still another one to be constructed insha Allah from KN-NIGER republic.

About the unpaid NPOWER VOLUNTEERS : I think before talking about the unpaid allowance, it's good to appreciate FG'S effort of introducing NPOWER in the first place. In the history of our noble country, no government has ever did something similar or close to what present government did in terms of social investments (specially NPOWER ). what we have during the just past administration was SUREP which was quite nice move, but can't be compared to NPOWER in many ways. E. g. under surep the program last for Only one year, and only few beneficiaries from locality, (NOT more than 20 in Aliero LG). But now you have advanced program that housed at least 300 beneficiaries with minimum duration of 3 years. Now, let's talk about the the unpaid, it's normal whenever there's change or transition of power, some people must fall within the categories of victims. The program before now was under the watch of VP, FG decides to advance it social investment by creating a One standalone ministry just for humanitarian affairs. During the transition some data might have missing or unauthorised, therefore it will definitely took diligent effort to verify them. However people are asked to update their profile for proper investigation. By the way there's different between unpaid and will not be paid. Nobody says that they'll not be paid.

Fuel : it's truly sad the way pump price increase, but that's the only one hard way to go. Regulating the pump price to reflect the crude oil price is the only way to protect the lingering economy from total collapsing. 

FG can no longer pay the subsidy due to the lack of funds to support that, and it doesn't make any sense for government to borrow and funds non revenue generating sector. Even Atiku (PDP presidential candidate ) claimed same, coz that's only way out. The price will similarly comes down as crude oil goes down. It may come down to 65 in this new policy.

I shouldn't have continue with all these

But anyway let me once again respond to your points.

The ongoing strike could have been avoided should other party agreed with government policy. They rejected IPPS, why? Are they the only FG workers?

On your mockery and making fun of President about his WAEC result, I think there's nothing I can do to help you out of pride, all I know is that, we owe those people respect. And don't forget WAEC also present Him with his cert.

I didn't deny sure-p, if you read back you'll see that I mention it, I also mentioned what differentiate between the Two.

On the issue of security in SOKOTO. You know every government cannot go untested and must meet up along the way with new challenges never seen before. During obj for instance we experienced many crises in jos, banditry in Zamfara (its not new , just worsen now), Hausa and other tribes in the south, during late Yar'adua, we battle with Niger delta militant, boko BH also stated then, so This is exactly what's happening. If you're also following daily updates you'll realized that so many arrest of the terrorists has been made.

The issue of rail, I really don't know President made a promise to construct the rail from SOKOTO to somewhere, but for the sake of argument, let's believe he does the promise. If there are economy crises so many adds and drops are done to the budget, hence many projects are affected.

I know you're aware that after this government has came to power, the price of crude oil starts dropping from 150 USD TO current 42 USD as of today. Imagine the decrement of almost 108, more than two third has gone. 

From the above you must have realized that income has drop, therefore number of proposed projects must also drop.

Our problems we know how to complain and whine, also be blind by the progress, yes there are issues, but achievements so far overwhelmed it. And we will wetness more success insha Allah.

Comments from readers

Hhhh that's your view zaharadeen. But with regards to education, ayam telling you that this government failed woefully coz it's only in this government that students were at home for nine months. 

I can't surprise that one coz I never expect a person battling with WAEC result to place priority on education standard. It's normal.

Also with regards security situations. I agreed that north east got more peace as compared to the past administration but what can you tell me about what's happening in Kaduna, Sokoto And Zamfara and as well jos? Sokoto never experienced security challenges during past administration. When you come back from bauchi and you decide to follow Jos road even around 2pm then you might become dead body. 

Also with regards to Npower what's new here after all it's just change of name? You forget Sure-P Koh? Npower volunteers were looking for thier five months monthly stipend but up till now the Honourable Minister of HDMSD say nothing about them. 

And lastly with regards to rail way; I can forget his 2019 campaign in Sokoto together with his Minister of transportation where they promised when they got elected the rail line will start immediately. I attended his Sokoto campaign rally.

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