Checkout The Full Meaning PDF, FM, AM, SIM CARD, POS, DATE, ATM, PDF, DVD, RAM, PIN

Checkout The Full Meaning PDF, FM, AM, SIM CARD, POS, DATE, ATM, PDF, DVD,  RAM, PIN

1. A. M : we commonly say "the time is eg. 9am". The am means "Ante Meridian. It is a way of salutation for morning. 

2. P.m: means "Post Meridiem" P.M is used when greeting from 12 noon upwards. It simply means "Good afternoon or Good evening".

3. DATE: this simply means (Day and Time Evolution).

4. P.D.F : "Portable Document Format" is file format.

5. A.D : The abbreviation "AD" is a latin word (Anno-domini). It can be translated to "After death" in English language and it is used to indicate the after death era in the world. It stands for the era after the death of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Although,. We are currently in the 21st century A.D. 

6. B. C : unlike A.D the acronym B.C is use to indicate the era in the world before the birth of Jesus. Therefore, B.C means "Before Christ. 

7. C.E : This can be used interchangeablely with BC. C.E means "common era. It was also a period in the world. 

8. B.C.E : (Before Common Era)is a period before the common era. Which can be used in place of B.C

9. S.T.D: This means "Sexually transmitted diseases' used to indicate all form of diseases transmitted sexually. 

10. AIDS: It is an STD, it means "Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome.

11. HIV: it means "Human Immune virus"

12. DNA : this means 'De-oxyribo-Nucleic - Acid" a test used to indicate whose son or daughter someone is.

13. B.P: (Blood Pressure) the pressure that blood pumps in a person

14. I. C. U: (Intensive Care Unit). It is a special section in the hospital were patients with very critical health conditions are kept and are monitored from time to time

15. SIM card. It means "subscriber installer module card. 

16. A.T.M: (Automated Teller Machine) The machine used for withdrawal. 

17. PIN: personal Identification Number

18. I. P. Ip means "Internet Protocol"

19. SD card : It means "Secure digital card"

20. RAM: it means "Random Acess Memory" the inner memory of a computer device where files are worked on. 

21. ROM: the "Read Only Memory" the memory were files are stored.

22. GIF: it means "Graphics interchange format"

23. DVD : DVD means Digital versatile disk

24. IQ:stands for "Intelligence Quiotent"

25. P.O.S: it means "Point Of sale" 

26. ECOWAS : (Economic Community of West African States)

27. AU: The Highest international organization in Africa. African Union

28. U. N. O: the United Nations Organizations) is the highest international organization in the world. 

29. LON: (League of Nations) The league of nation was in existence before the UN. It crashed because it failed to prevent the second world war. 

30. SUV: It means "Sports Utility Vehicle" 

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