All You Need To Know About Kayan Lefe In Arewa Traditional Marriage

All You Need To Know About Kayan Lefe In Arewa Traditional Marriage


One of the most important and highly respected issue in Arewa  Is marriage and the preparations for this chapter of life takes three to many stages ..

One of the many things in preparation for wedding is the kayen lefe, along with the I see I love , tambaya , kayan gidan maza , gara and the rest .

Kayan lefe are items brought by the grooms family for the bride after the introduction and engagement. These kayen lefe consist of clothes for the bride , atamfa, either sewn or just new one , laces , abayas, normal gowns or English, veils, bags , purses, shoes , perfume's for the soul , body lotions , hair creams , earnings, necklaces and other accessories for glam , and not to forget make up items.

These items are brought in boxes depending on your capability , designer bags , some  bring one set others two,  three to four sets extra mile extravagance or a humble and not too loud luggage are all allowed .

With time some people have  gone okay with the kayan lefe being taken to the brides house , that is after her wedding or along with her so as to avoid talks and peoples gluttonous eyes and relatives sharp hand. Nevertheless , kayan lefe normally brought to the brides family house by the grooms family also come along with a separate luggage , some Ghana must go for the Aunty's of the bride or Granny's, kayan uwaye or kakanni as they call it .And recently some grooms put a small gift personally for the bride depending on what they want.

Some people are of the opinion that kayan lefe should be stopped or reduced , men or young guys are the top list of those who want the lefe gone because they claim it is too high and extravagant , that its the thought of what lefe to pack that scares them of marriage. Ninety eight percent however of  world's population which is the lovely women and ladies want the lefe to go on if not more glittery.

Which ever way it is , kayan lefe are beautifully packed up items for the brides use from the grooms family and play a very vital cultural role in the preparation for weddings and marriage in arewa.

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