5 Alternative Ways Of Browsing Without Data Plan

5 Alternative Ways Of Browsing Without Data Plan

The World Wide Web (www) is originated In 1989 by Tim Berners Lee, Since then the use of The Internet Connection in our daily life rapidly increased if compared to the oldest days, peoples are becoming more addiction in using the mobile phone, mobile phone plays a vital role in twenty-first 21st Centuries , mobile phone is the backbone of human life. Life without mobile phone is like a graduate without certificate. 

But with all this mobile phone is nothing without the internet connection. Internet Connection on our smartphones became prodigious part of our life, without internet Connection many of our activities would shut down. Internet is not only used for Social media like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and like it can also be used for different task depending on the user. Nowadays internet save as a medium of earning money, research, online tutorials , and so on. The amazing fact that everyone should ask him self is that “how many data is uploaded every month on the internet ” answer to this question is that in a month people uploaded more than one 1 billion gigabytes to be Frank Nigeria networks (MTN, Etisalat, Airtel and Glo) are making huge money from us. 

With this we can estimate how vital does the role of the Internet Connection is in our lives. How about having an alternatives ways of browsing without a data plan. In this article, we will highlight various alternative ways of browsing without data plan on our smartphone, personal computers and like.

Wireless Fidelity Wi-Fi 

Wireless Fidelity or Wi-Fi is the easiest alternative method of connection to the Internet without data plan. A Wireless Fidelity or Wi-Fi network uses radio waves, just like television, cell phones and radios do. Wireless Fidelity Wi-Fi is more faster than a mobile networks.

 A lot of people access wireless networking, i.e Wi-Fi or 802.11 networking, to connect their smartphones and computers, likewise many cities are trying to access the technology to provide low-cost or free Internet connection to residents. Nowadays, wireless networking may become so widespread that you can use the Internet at any time, anywhere.

Without using any wires. Wireless Fidelity Wi-Fi Connection has a lot of advantages over cellphone data, Wireless networks are straightforward to install and is inexpensive. If you are to watch or stream movies on your smartphone, tablet or a computer it's divisible to connect with Wi-Fi for low cost and good connection.

Simple steps to Connect your mobile phone with WI-FI 

Follows the steps below and make your Wi-Fi connection Successful

  • Swipe down your screen till a pop down menu appeared 
  • turned on your Wi-Fi from the status bar 
  • Press and hold the icon Wi-Fi.

VPN for Android Free Internet 

The VPN is a shot form of virtual private network. A Virtual Private Network(VPN) is another alternative way of browsing without data plan, You can connect to the Virtual Private Network(VPN) and to be frank, you won’t be charged a single kobo. 
To enjoy the free trials or daily 50mb from VPN you can download for free from play store install and run. VPN is the most growing and reliable network connection, it access is more Vital than any other network connection because of online privacy and security. 

Some excellent apps of type of VPN are: 

  • Droid VPN 
  • FLY VPN 
  • Troid VPN 
  • SKY VPN 
  • Feat VPN.

How to download Troid VPN

Download and install the TROID VPN Application from the Play store for android or Apps store for iPhone and then open it.
Locate any free server form the application and select
Select the TCP port.
Input 443 in  Rport value and set Lport to be 0.
Locate the advanced settings
Choose the option ‘Use proxy for TCP connection’ enter the following settings.
port - 3128
proxy host - or
Host -
Press Save the setting and enjoy free browsing.

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