Tiers Of Joy:10 Most Amiable Kannywood Wedding

Tiers Of Joy:10 Most Amiable Kannywood Wedding

Tiers Of Joy:10 Most Amiable 
Every time any person from Kannywood industry set to marry, the news of the marriage always spread sort of a wildlife.This will be not be unconnected with the recognition of the industry and its several fans across Africa. Fans of the industry wont to troop in whenever a wedding is happening of an actor or actress. The underlisted weddings were so popular within the industry, for each possible reason. 

1.The wedding of Sani Musa Mai Iska and Fati Muhammad: This was the primary known wedding between two Kannywood stars.The couple happened to be the reigning superstars just before their wedding. Their wedding transpire in 2001, the marriage party was one in every of the largest to ever happened within the industry.

2.The wedding of Hamza Y.Danzaki and Abida Muhammad: This was another famous wedding that occurred in 2001, both the groom and bride happened to be from the industry. The groom Hamza Dan Zaki was a movie producer and therefore the bride Abida Muhammad was a shining star. Thousands of individuals from Kano and beyond were seen attending the marriage events. 

3.The wedding of Shuibu Lawan Kumurci and Balaraba Muhammad: This was Another much Publicized wedding. The couple happened to be reigning superstars.Their wedding news was heard from every angle of the country, and even in neighbouring countries. the marriage transpire in March 2002. 

4.The wedding of Ali Nuhu: Despite marrying outside of the industry, his wedding was also much popular. The actor happened to be the foremost well-known within the industry, and also the foremost wanted superstar. the marriage transpire on 15 March 2003, in Kaduna. 

5.The wedding of Ahmed S Nuhu and Hafsat Shehu: This wedding was also famous, The couple were reigning superstars. The groom was the second biggest actor within the industry at the time, likewise the bride. the marriage happened in 2005, in Kano. many people were seen attending the marriage events. 

6.The wedding of Yakubu Muhammad: Although, the singer married outside the industry, but his fame had made the marriage much popular, furthermore, he married the daughter of famous actress, Zainab Booth. the marriage occurred in 2009. 

7.The wedding of Sani Musa Danja and Mansura Isa: the marriage was famous because the couple were from the identical industry, and were also reigning. the marriage came about in 2007. 

8.The wedding of Adam Zango and Maryam A. B. Yola: The couple were also into acting, their wedding also attracted the eye of thousands of individuals in and outdoors the country. the marriage passed in 2013. 

9.The wedding of Nura M.Inuwa: The singer also happened to marry outside the industry, but his fame contributed towards attracting the eye of thousands of individuals, to the marriage events. the marriage happened in 2017, within the ancient city of Katsina. 

10.The wedding of Ado Isa Gwanja: The famous musician/actor married his hearttrob in October 2019. His wedding was also heard from all the nook and crannies of the North. many people were seen attending the marriage events.

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